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Full text of "The Genealogy of the Family of Cole, of the County of Devon: Of the County of Devon, and of ..."












Of the ** Genealogical History of Families," Sir Robert Atkyns writes : " This has its peculiar 
use ; it stimulates and excites the brave to imitate the generous actions of tlieir ancestors ; 
and it shames the debauched and reprobate, both in the eyes of others and in their own breasts, 
when they consider how they have degenerated."— Page II., Preface to The Ancient and Present 
State of Gloucestershire, 2nd ed., folio, London, 1768. 






^/^ . CL.-. /6 





F.R.S., D.C.L., LL.D., F.G.S., 

&c,y &c,, <!bc., 








Tffls compilation is founded on a curious and valuable record, 
entitled, " The Pedigree of the worthye Captaine and Justiciar, Sir 
William Cole, of Eneskillen, Knight ; made and set forthe, with 
much care and fidelitye ; warranted by Eecords, Evidences, and 
other good proofes, examined, approved, and well allowed of by me 
Sir William Segar, Knt., alias Garter. And in assured testimony 
to all persons whoe shall see the same, that it doth agree in all the 
descents, coats, and Ensignes, with the Eegisters Bookes and Eecords 
of my Office, and the Office of Arms and Honor, kept at London; I, 
the said Sir William Segar, alias Garter, Principall King of Armes, 
have hereunto subscribed my name and affixed the Scale of myne 
Office, this 30th day of Julye, An** Domini 1630, Annoque Sexti 
Domini nostri Caroli, magnse Britannise, Francise, et Hibemise 
Eegis, Fidei defensor, etc." 

Wm. Willoughby, the 1st Visct. Enniskillen, reduced it into a 
narrative form for the Eev. Mervyn Archball's edition of John 
Lodge's Irish Peerage (8® London, 1789); and his lordship's system 
and phraseology are here freely made use of, as they were also, 
though without acknowledgment, in Playfair's British Family 
Antiquity (fo. Lond. 1810). 


Since then, however, it has been, so far as relates to the noble 
line of Enniskillen, extended down to the present time, and attested 
under the seals of their office by Sir Win. Betham, and Sir J. 
Bernard Burke, Ulster Kings at Arms. These additions together 
with some particulars derived from the publications of the Eecord 
Commissioners, &c., are introduced ; and the continuation of the 
other branches has been made from the Heralds* Visitations, Wills, 
Parish Registers, Monumental Inscriptions and other ancient evi- 
dences. They have been carefully collated, and, where possible, 
tested with the originals, so that it is hoped that no inaccuracies 
may occur, or such only as are inseparable from a labour of this 

•»* The writer will be glad to receive any additions or corrections. 

Easthorpe Court, 

Wigtoft, near Spalding, 
Sept. 1867. 


Much ingenious speculation has been expended on the origin 
and signification of the name of Cole. In A New System, or an 
Analysis of Ancient Mytlwlogy, by Jacob Bryant of Cypenham, is 
an elaborate dissertation thereon, consisting of more than three 
quarto pages, wherein he shews it to be the same as Coit-El, or 
Co-El, Heavenly, or the House or Eegion of the Deity ; for the 
place of worship was, in many instances, taken for the person to 
whom the worship was directed. He says that Coilus, from Coel, 
the old Latin form of Coelus, meant " a sacred or heavenly person, 
in other words, a priest of Coelus." 

The learned Camden says that Cole is formed from the last 
syllables of Nicholas ; and M. A. Lower, in his Essay on Nom&nr- 
cloture* copies tliis statement. 

It is, however, more likely to be a contraction of Agricola, a 
tiller of the soil, as Cola occurs in the Domesday Survey}- as the 
holder of much land in the counties of Hants, Devon, Wilts, etc., 
in the reign of King Edward the Confessor; but this derivation 
has evidently been passed over as too simple to be adopted by the 
above eminent writers. 

? 12mo, London, 1849, VoL L, p. 169. 

+ " Winton Survey, (fo. 27) temp. R. Edwardi Conf.,*' * Winton, Bucchestret, 
Gaufridus Cole, Epo Sarum lid., Vile, de feudo Regis, Vlld. ilia sed VII. sup. 
mur.' "—Domesday Book Vol. IV., p. 655. Sir Henry Ellis* Introduction to Domes, 
day, gives these references and notes, "Cola, venator, Hants, p. 50, 50b. 
Note — "Cola venator ten. dimidium hidsB de Vluietpatre suo in Langelie. Hanc 
tenuit de Rege in paragio." " Devon, 109, 112b. Wilts, 69 b. (Cola ten. terr. etc.) 
Note— Pater ejus tenuit tempore Regis Edwardi,** etc. 




®ole foast a node mon» ant) g;ret pofoer ^ahhe on j^onlie, 

IctU ffz ioa$( of ^okj^esttre i)erje in tjbte lontie, 

9nl) €Doki)ej$tre after £$( name s clepul) gd icjb unlietj^toolie. 

Robert of Ohv^eater'a Chronicle^ p. 82, as quoted 
in Wright's History of Essex, VoL 1. p. 32. 

It hath been asserted that this family derives its origin from 
Coel, the founder of Colchester, one of the Kings of Britain. Yet 
without claiming as its patriarch either this renowned descendant 
of Caractacus, or the Justice Cole, who lived in the reign of King 
Alfred, or the valiant General Cola, who, in command of the united 
forces of Devon, Somerset, and Dorset, defeated at Pinhoe,* in 1001, 
Sweyne, the savage Chieftain of the Danes, its high antiquity and 
rank amongst the magnates of the land in Saxon times are attested 
by Domesday Book, and, by " This deed of King William's, the 
Conqueror, [which] was written in the Saxon Tongue, 5® W. C. 
1070, and was put into EngUsh 1587, 15* Maij, A* 27 Eeg. Eliza- 
bethee, and remains [1630] in the Bishop of Winchester's custody." 
*' William, King, greetes Walkesein, Bishop, and Hugon de Port, 
and Edward Knighte, Steward, and Algesime and Symon and 
AUfus, Porveiour, and Cole and Arderne and all the Barons in 
Hampshire and Wiltshire friendly-and Know ye that I give unto St. 
Peter and Walcholyne Bishop f with all the convent to be as free as 

* Oliver's Ecclesiastical Antiquities of Devon and Cornwall, VoL III., p. 123. 

f There appears to be an omission here. 


Bishop Alsyme was in the days of King Edward, and to hold and 
enjoy all the privileges greate and small and I give commaundment 
that noe man for me or any other withstand or deny them the same, 
or disquiet that which I doe graunt in any wise unto St. Peter or 
Walcholyne Bishop or any of his successors." 

"This is in the Inspeximus of the Charters of confirmacions 
made to Eichard Fox and Peter Courtney, Bishops of Winchester, 
as they are inrolled in the Chauncery, 30 jan, 2** H, 8, and 15 Nov. 
4« H. 8.'' 

The precise period of the settlement of this baron on the borders 
of the counties of Devon and Cornwall is not ascertained, but it 
was, doubtless, soon after the above date, as he accompanied the 
bold Martin de Tours (or Turribus) from hence, on his marauding 
expedition into Cemaes, South Wales, and was ancestor of the 
families of Cole, Young, and Mathias.* 

William Cole and Ysabella-f* his wife are named in Assize EoU 
of the County of Cornwall, in the third year of King John (anno 
domini 1201). In the fourteenth year of King John (1212) Eoger 
ColeJ granted to Edith, late wife of Ealph Burdeville, a capital 

messuage and lands in Hoke , in the county of Devon, to be 

held of him for the term of her life, with remainder to himself and 
his heirs ; and in 1219 mention is made of Eoger Cole in a Fine roll 
relating to a third part of one knight's fee in Hardwinesleigh,§ in 
the same county. 

" Eichard Cole, of the County of Devon,'' says Segar, " lived in 
the tyme of Henry III., as appears by the Charter (to the Monas- 
tery of Bromere) of Amice Eedvers, Countess of Devon." But it is 
not known what relationship he, or the above-named persons, bore to 

William Cole, of Hutenesleigh (now called Hittisleigh) in the 
county of Devon, living in the year 121'3, whose son and heir 

? Fenton*8 Tour in Pembrokeshire, 4to, Lond., 1811, pp. 521, 538, &c. 

+ AbbrevicUio Placitorum in Domo OapitiUari apud Weatmonaaterium, to., Lond., 
1811, p. 34. 
t Hunter*« Fines, Vol. IL, p. 70. 
§ Robert's Excerpta e Rot, Finium, Vol. I., p. 31. 


2 Roger Cole,* had " his dwelling at Coleton," in Chuinleigh, and 
also held, in 27 Henry IIL, Hantesford, in that parish.f In 25th of 
Edward I. he was " returned from the county of Cornwall as hold- 
ing lands or rents to the amount of d£^20 yearly value and 
upwards, either in Capite or otherwise, and as such summoned 
under the general writ to muster at London, on Sunday next after 
the Octaves of St. John the Baptist (7 July, 1297), to perform 
Military Service in person with horses and arms, &c., in parts be- 
yond the Seas ;" J and also again summoned with his son William§ 
to muster at Berwick-on-Tweed, on the nativity of St. John the 
Baptist, to perform service against theScots in 1301. He was 
father of 

3 EoGEB (of whom immediately), and of the above-named William, 
who probably perished in this expedition, as there is no further trace 
of him ; and perhaps his early death may account for the omission 
of his name. in the family pedigree drawn up, in July 1630, by Sir 
William Segar, Garter, King-at-Arms. 

3 EoGER was heir to his father Eoger, and lived in the reign df 
Edward II. ; his son and heir was 

4 John Cole, of the counties of Devon and Cornwall, who, in 
1324, was described as "John Cole de Tamer, Man-at-Arms, || and 

? Arms of Cole : Arg., a bull passant Sa., armed Or, with a bordure of the second 
bezant^e. Segar remarks: ** Richard, Earle of Cornwall, King of the Romanes, 
created Earle of the Isle of Wight, bare a bordure of Cornwall about his coate . • 
And it's conceived he gave the same bordure to this or one of the Auncestors of 
this family of Cole, as an augmentation for services in the Warres." 

Crest : A demi-dragon Vert, holding in the dexter paw an arrow Or, headed 
and feathered Arg. 

t De la Pole's Devm, pp. 433434. 

Z The Parliamentary WritSy and Writs of Military Summona, collected and edited 
by Francis Palgrave, F.RS., and Survey ofComvxiUy by Rd. Carew. 

§ He was perhaps the "William Cole of Tamar, knt., temp. Edward L," of 
whom mention is made at p. 51, of Sir William de la Pole's History of Devon. 
License to " crenellate" Tamar was granted in 9th Edward IIL No remains of 
this castle now exist, nor can its site with certainty be determined. It is believed, 
however, that a manor in Werrington, known in modem times as Poolapit-Tamar 
was the one indicated ; and this assumption is confirmed by the fact of there being 
in the same parish farms called ** Coleshill," and " Great and Little Tamerton.' 

II Palgrave's Parliamentary Writs, ut supra, and Harl. MS. 1192, f. 46 b. 



returned by the Sheriff of the county of Devon, pursuant to Writ 
tested at Westminster, 9 May, as summoned by proclamation to 
attend the Great Council at Westminster, on Wednesday after 
Ascension Day, 30 May, 17 Edward 11." In the 9th of Edward III 
(1335) he had free warren in Tamer, Lydeston, Hokesbere, and 
Hutenesleigh in the county of Devon, and in Eispematt ;* and it ap- 
pears by a Fine of 15 Edward III. (1341) that he was possessed of 
the manors of Eespnel in the county of Cornwall, Launceston, and 
Stokley, and of the manor of Uptamer, Nytheway, and Hutene- 
sleigh, the third part of the manor of Winston, and divers other 
lands in the county of Devon. He left a son and heir. 

Sir John Cole, knight, of Nythway, in the parish of Brixham, 
who, on 25th July, 4 Eichard 11. (1380) was "knighted (before the 
castle of Ardres) in Fraunce, by the Erl of Buckingham Thomas 
of Woodstock, Lord Deputy there for the King,"-f* and who married 
Anne, daughter and heiress to Sir Nicholas Bodrugan,J knt., by 
whom he had issue, 

* Carta, 9 Edward III. (Para unica) printed on p. 169 of Calendar Rotulorum 
Chartarumf fo., London, 1803. - 

t Landadovme MS. 783, p. 116, and Froissart'a Chronidea^ Vol. V, chap. 34 of 
Johnes' ed. 8vo, 1806. 

t The manor of Bodrigan (anciently written Bodrugan), in Gorrans, says Carew, 
gave a name and seat to a very ancient family. In the time of K. Henry III. John 
de Bodrugan occurs as witness to a deed, and in the same reign Henry de B. 
had a grant of a market and fair at Pendrum. Of the latter person notice is also 
made in a deed of the Trevelyan family of the 2 K. Ed. I. 

Another Henry de B, (probably his son), married Sibylla, sister and heir to 
Walter de Maundeville, of whose lands he had livery 17 Ed. I. : in 2 Ed. II. he 
was found heir to his uncle, William de B. (who had died the year before), and had 
livery of the inheritance which thus devolved on him ; but it appears that he died 
the same year, for the king's escheator had command to take possession of all his 
lands, among which was the manor of Bodrugan, as also those of his late uncle, 
and of the lands of the said Sibylla, which were in co. Beds. He had been a knight 
of the shire in 35 Ed. I. ; and in 3 Ed. II. (1310) was summoned to parliament as a 
Baron ; but as he died about this time, and never sat in that capacity, it is thought 
that his death and the writ may have been of a contemporaneous date, or that it 
was issued in ignorance of his decease. He was found to be seised of the manor of 
Iregerien, &c., in Clornwall, and of all the tenements, rents, and services, of the 


6 WiiLLLAM Cole (called Sir William Cole of Tamar, knt., by De 
la Pole, and also in a Herald's Visitation of Devon), who married 
Margaret, daughter of Sir Henry Beaupell, knt, and by her was the 
father of 

His son Sir Otto de B. was in 17 and 19 Ed. IL a knight of the shire ; and 20 
Ed. L had custody of the island of Lundy with its appendages committed to his 
charge. In 1324 he went by the king's license on a pilgrimage to the Church of 
St. James in Spain. He married Margaret, daughter of Sir William Champemon, 
knt., and died possessed of B., and of a considerable estate in Cornwall in 6 Ed. III. ; 
at which date his son and heir Sir Henry de B. was likewise deceased. This last 
named knight married Isabell, daughter of William Wallesborow of Whalesborough, 
and had three sons, viz,, Sir William, his heir (who married Julian, daughter of Sir 
John Stoner of Stoner, co. Oxon, knt., and had a daughter and heiress, Philippa, 
who married Sir Kichard Sergeaulx, knt., sheriff of Cornwall in 1389) ; Sir Otto or 
Otho, sheriff of ComwaU in 3 Rd. II., knt. of the shire 43 Ed. III., and 7 Rd. II. 
(who was father of William, knt. of the shire 3, 4, 5, 8 and 9 of Henry V., who 
died 8. p.f and of Otho, who became heir to his brother) ; Nicholas, the 3rd son, 
died in 1362, and had 2 sons, viz, Otho and Nicholas. Otho married Jane, daughter of 
WilHam Trelausard, and by her had Joane, his heir, who married four husbands : — 
1st, Sir John Trevaignon, knt., who died s.p. ; 2ndly, Ralph Trenowith (by whom 
before marriage she had a son William, who bore the name of Bodrugan, and the 
arms of his mother (" within a bordure ") ; he possessed himself of aU her inheritance, 
and had issue Sir William B., knt., who died 24 Dec. 20 Henry VI., whose son and 
heir. Sir Henry B., was attainted of treason 1 Henry VII.) ; 3rdly, Sir John 
Trevarthian, kut., by whom she had issue, Otho Trevarthian, his son and heir, who 
died s.p.f and Vidona (heir to her brother) married to — Reskymer, and had Ralph 
R. ; 4thly, Robert Hull, who survived her. 

Nicholas, the 2nd son of Nicholas, the 3rd son of Sir Henry B., knt., married and 
left a daughter and heir, who became the wife of Sir John Cole of Nythway. 
Segar remarks that " This match of Sir John Cole, knt., with the daughter and 
heiress of Nicholas Bodrugan and the descents following ar^ proved by divers 
auncient Rolls, Bookes, and Pedigrees, remaining in the Office of Arms, London, 

The quarterings brought to Cole by this match were, according to Segar, 1 
Bodrugan, Arg. 3 bends Gu. ; 2 Scott, Arg. an eagle displayed Sa., armed Gu. ; 
3 Stapleton, Arg. a lion rampant Sa., armed Gu; 4 Trevaner, Arg. a cross flory 
Sa. ; but it appears the Bodrugans were also entitled to quarter the coat of 
MaundeviUe, viz., Quarterly Or and Gu. 

Sir Henry Trenowith alias Bodrugan (aboved named) married Jane (or Margaret) 
Herbert, daughter of the 1st Earl of Pembroke, and was made a Knight of the 
Bath by king Edw. IV. He fought at Bosworth on the side of Rd. III. Accounts 
of his romantic escape from king Henry's officers by an extraordinary leap, from 
the cliff on which Bodrugan castle was situate, on to the " Wofiil Moor," and of 
his malediction on his pursuers Trevaignon and Sir Richard Edgecumbe, the 


7 Sir John Cole, knt, who was in " the Eetynew of the Duke of 
Gloucester * at the Battell of Agincourt on Fryday, the XXVth 
day of October in the yere of our Lord God, 1415, and in the 
Third yere of the Eeigne of the most Excellent Prince, King 
Harry the Fifte ;" and it is probable that he received his spurs for 
his conduct on that glorious field. He married Agnes, daughter of 

Sir Fitzwarine, knt., and had issue four sons, viz : — 

I. Sir Adam Cole, knt., his heir, who succeeded at Uptamer and Nyth- 
way, and marrying Elizabeth,-f- daughter of Sir Eichard Weston, 
knt, had a son John, the father of John, who left issue only two 
daughters, his co-heirs, viz. : — Elizabeth, married to Sir John 
Huddy, of Stowell, co. Somerset, Chief Justice of England ; and 

Joane, married to John Anne of co, Gloucester. Sir 

Adam also married Margaret, -f* daughter of Sir Henry de la 

grantees of his confiscated estates (said to have been of the annual value of ten 
thcmsand pounds), may be found in Carew*s and Gilbert's Surveys of Cornwall, 
Borlase in describing the ruins of Bodrugan castle, says, '* there was nothing in 
ComwaU equal to it for magnificence." 

* JIarl, M.8, no. 782, and M.S. in Coll. of ArmSy published by Sir Nicholas 
Harris Nicolas, K.H., under the title of The Battle of Agincourt, 2nd ed. Lond, 

+ There is a discrepancy amongst the authorities as to the name of the wife of 
Sir Adam Cole ; for Sir Wm. De la Pole, at p. 282 of his History of Devonshire, gives 
it as Margaret (the daughter of Sir Henry de la Pomeroy, knt.), whilst the Visita- 
tions of Devon, in 1562-4-5, and 1620 (Harl : MSS. 1538-889-1080-1091-1399-3288- 
4031-5185), and Segar, in the pedigree that he compiled for Sir Wm. Cole, as'sert it 
to be Elizabeth, the daughter of Sir Eichard Weston, knt., of Wilts. 

It is quite possible that they all maybe correct, and that he may have taken to wife 
both Elizabeth and Margaret, as stated in the text. This supposition is supported 
by the abstract of a deed, which recites that ** Sir Adam Cole and Margaret, his 
wife, granted," &c., &c. 
. Whoever she may have been, it is obvious that Segar could never have supposed 
Ac that the dat^ttached to that deed, 3 Richard II. (1380), could be any where near the 
period when Sir Adam existed. For it is not possible that he could have been 
living about that time, and yet be the 7th in descent from Wm. Cole of Hutenes- 
leigh, who lived in 1243, only 145 years previously ; or that he could be the uncle 
of Sir Simon Cole of Blade, who died circa 12 Henry VII. (1497), more than 117 
years afterwards. These dates are reliable, and the relationships are attested by Segar 
himself. It is clear therefore that he has unwittingly committed an anachronism with 
regard to this knight. This was owing, perhaps, to there having been an Adam Cole, 
who lived about 1380, and who, it appears, from Kymer's Fadera, vol. III., part 2, 


Pomeroy, knt., and their sole daughter,* married John 

Holbeame of Holbeame, in co. Devon, esq., and had issue William 
Holbeamef, Sir William de la Pole adds, "from Margaret, wife 
of Adam Cole, is descended Baynham of Gloucestershire." 

8 II. John Cole, of whom hereafter (see p. 12). 

8 III. William Cole,J who married and had two sons, William 9 
(of whom hereafter), and Stephen, his heir, who married 

p. 1078, was charged by King Edward III., by letter, dated 14 May, in the 51st 
year of that monarch's reign (1377), to prevent the landing of the French on the 
coast of Devon. At p. 1002 of vol. III. of the Fcedera^ it is stated that this (?) 
Adam, in 48 Edward III., a.d. 1377, was master of the ship " Le Christophre" of 
Southampton. These entries sufl&ciently prove that he could not be the same person 
as the Sir Adam Cole of Uptamer. 

The name seems to have been a favourite one, for in 1305 and 1307, there was an 
Adam Cole, who was the Burgess returned to Parliament for Ilchester, in Somerset- 
shire, (Palgrave's WritH of Summons^ &c.). Clutterbuck's Hertfordshire^ also 
makes mention of an Adam Cole who, in 1277, held a moiety of 1 virgate of 
land inWalkened, Herts ; the other moiety being held by Robert Cole. 

Since the above was written, I have met with this extract at p. 417 Harl. MS. 
34 {Tenentes Regis in Capite): Henrici V*., Termino Michaelis ao. VII. Devon* 
Thom. de Pomeray, chevalier, et Johanna, uxor ejus, filia Johannaa unius, et Johan- 
nes Cole, armiger, filius Margaretse alterius sororum Johannis Pomeray, consan- 
guineonmi et haeredum ejusdem Johannis Pomeray, tenent duas partes manerii 
de Stokley-Pomeray nt parcella manerii de Bury Pomeray per servitium VII». 
partis unius f eodi militis, et medietatem duarum partium maneriorum de Harberton 
et Brixham, in comitatii praedicto per servitum 20ae partis, 477® partis BaronisB 
de Harberton ; et ibidem annotatur, quod Joh : de la Pomeray tenuit dictam 
med : maneriorum de Harberton et Brixham per servit : XVI» partis Baroniss 
et manerium de Tregony in com. Comubise de Rege ut de castro suo de Launceston 
per servit. Xlli. feodi milifiis Moreton." 

In the Coll. Top. et GenecUog,, voL 7, p. 55, it is stated that this John Cole, esq., 
died s.p. shortly after the division of the Pomeroy estates between himself and 
Joan, wife of Sir Thomas Pomeroy, and before the 2 Henry VI. 

The de la Pomerais, or Pomeroys, were summoned to Parliament as Barons for 
nearly three centuries. Henry de Pomeroy, the 6th Lord, married Joane, daughter 
of Roger, 3rd Lord, and sister and co-heiress to Roger, 7th Lord Valletort, "the 
great Barons of the West." 

Arms of Pomeroy : Or a lion lUmpant Gu. within a bordure invected of the 2nd. 

? Harl MS8. 1538, f. 59—889, f. 44-1080, f. 379b— 5840, f. 13—4031, f. 223. 

+ Westcote's Hist, of Devon, where Sir Adam Cole is styled " of Tamerton.** 

t Arms : Per pale Arg. and Gu., a bull passant of the field counterchaged, 
armed Or, within a bordure Sa. bezantde. 


Joane,* daughter and heiress to John White, by whom he had 
Jane, married to Eobert Tozer ; Mary, married John Kestall (or 
Castell) ; Joane, married to John Truebody ; Thomasine married 
to John Tucker; and John Cole, his heir, who married Margaret,-)- 
daughter and heiress to Thomas Clarke, and by her had issue : — 

1. John, his heir (who married Margaret, daughter to John 
Fortescue of Spriddleston, and had a son, John, who died s. p) ; 

2, William, eventual heir ; 3, George ; 4, Edward ; J 5, Thomas ; 
6, John ; 7, Eoger ; 8, Stephen ; and Anne, married to Thomas 
Jeoffery of Tredineck. 

IV. Eobert Cole § (fourth son of Sir John and Agnes) was father 
of John Cole of Treworgee in St. Cleer, near Liskeard, who 
had a son Walter, the father of Stephen, who by his wife Jane, 
daughter and heiress to Eobert Wyatt, had John Cole, of Corn- 
wall, II esquire, his heir. 

* Joane White brought in these quarterings : 1, White, Or a chevron Vert 
between three 3 goats' heads erased Sa. ; 2 Wymarkei Arg. on a bend cottised Az. 
3 escutcheons of the field ; 3 Wyatt, Arg. 2 bars Gu. between 3 martlets of the 
2nd ; 4 KelliOy Or a chevron Sa. between 2 cinquefoils in chief and a muUet in base 
of the 2nd ; 5 Bodyar, Gu. a chevron Arg. between 3 cinquefoils Or. 

t And Margaret Clarke these : 1 Clarke, Or a f esse Az. between 3 torteaux ; 
2 Camylla, Az. a chevron Erm. between 3 manacles Or ; 3 Atwell, Arg. a chevron 
engrailed Az. between 3 martlets Vert ; 4 LenJuer, Arg. a bend embattled Az. be- 
tween 6 escallops Gu. : 6 Rusaelly Arg. on a bend Sable 3 swans Ppr. 

Z He was probably the Edward Cole of Twickenham (stated in Burke's Landed 
Gentry to have been bom in 1579) ; fourth in descent from whom was Stephen Cole 
of the same place, J. P. for Middlesex and Surrey, who died in 1790, aged 83, 
leaving issue by his first wife, Frances, daughter of Commodore Laremar, a son 
Thomas Rea Cole, major 9Sth Regiment, the grandfather of the late Edward Henry 
Cole of Stoke Lyne, Oxon, and also of Owen Blayney Cole, deputy-lieutenant 

for the county of Monaghan. By his second wife, Catherine, daughter of 

Cary of Bath, Stephen Cole had (besides other children) Charles Cole, rector of 
Statton, Suffolk, and George Cole, M.A., of St. John's CoUege, Cambridge, formerly 
captain in the CornwaU Militia, who married Solly, daughter of Captain Crozier, 
and had two sons, George Crozier Cole, captain 1st East Middlesex Militia, and 
Henry Thomas Cole, of the Western Circuit, Q.C , recorder of Launceston, &c., 
who married Georgiua, second daughter of John Stone, of the Western Circuit, 
barrister-at-law, by whom he has nine children. 

§ Per pale Or and Gu. a bull passant Sa., armed of the Ist, within a bordure of 
the 3rd bezant^e. 

II The Coles of Marazion, now represented by Francis Sewell Cole, late of Chil- 
down, Surrey, claim to be of the old Devon stock. It has not, however, been 


9 William Cole (see p. 7) was father of John Cole of Sudbury * in 10 
Suffolk, "where he lies buried,'' who married Elizabeth, daughter 
of John Marty n of , by whom he had five sons, viz. : — 

I. Martin Cole, M.P. for Sudbury, 1 4 Queen Elizabeth, who mar- 
ried Ellen, daughter of Hancocke, by whom he left, 1, 

Martin Cole of Sudbury, who married Anna, daughter of 

Andrews, but died s.p. 9 December, 1620, and left by 

his will, dated 28 September, 18 James 1st, a yearly rent- 
charge of £l4i to be distributed among the poor, and the 

ministers of Sudbury; 2, Caesar Cole, heir to his brother, 
40 years old in 1620, who married Margaret, daughter of 

White, and had Elizabeth, Martin, John, and Thomas; 3, 

Richard Cole ; and a daughter, married to Brown. 

II. William Cole of Sudbury married Catalina, or Catherine, 
daughter of Ferdinando de Gallegos, a Spaniard of noble ex- 
traction, and had two sons, of whom the elder, Eobert, married 

Anna, daughter of Cooke of Kersey, in Suffolk, and 

died 8. p, ; and the second, Eoger, was, in 1623, of the 
parish of St. Saviour's, in Southwark, in the co. of Surrey, 
gent. ; he married Anne daughter of Edward Maisters of 
Eotherhithe, in Surrey, by whom he had issue, 1 Eoger, 2 Eoger, 
3 John, who all died young, Elizabeth, married to William 
Oland of London, Susanna married to William Locke of 
Merton, in Surrey, Anne and Catalina. This William Cole 
married secondly Elizabeth Eushan, by whom he had 1 John, 
2 Martin, 3 William, 4 Edward, 5 Jeoffirey, 6 Pamell, and 
Elinor, married to James Eaye. 

ascertained from which branch, though perhaps from that settled at St. Gleer. 
Some of them have been gallant officers, whose services are recorded in the annals of 
the British navy. Among those thus allnded to may be more particularly mentioned 
two of the SODS of Humphrey Cole, who died in 1775, viz., Captain Sir Christopher 
Cole, K.C.B.. D.C.L., M.P. for the co. Glamorgan, so well known for his capture of 
the Banda Islands, &c., and Captain Francis Cole, R.N., who died in 1799. Long 
and flattering notices of their respective careers are to be found in Gilbert's Survey 
of Cornwall, Osier's Life of Admiral Viscount ExnwiUh, the OenUemarCs Magasine, 
Naval Biographies, &c., and an account of the family matches and issue in Burke's 
Landed Qentry, 

* Arg. a bull passant Gu., armed Or, within a bordure Sa. bezants. 


III. Robert Cole (third son of John Cole and Elizabeth Martyn). 

11 IV. EiCHARD Cole (son of same John and Elizabeth) was of 

Bishop's Waltham, in the county of Southampton, and father of 

12 John Cole, who was buried there 2 October, 1626, the father 
of 1 John, (married 14 November, 1625, to Hawks- 
worth, by whom he had John, and three daughters, who all died 
young, and also Maria, Alice, Elizabeth, and John, baptised 

13 10 October, 1642). and of 2 William, baptised April, 1613, 
whose first wife, Elizabeth, died at Bishop's Waltham 3 May, 

14 164}8, having had issue 1, Thomas, baptised 30 January, 1633, 
(of whom below), 2 William, 3 John, baptised 26 January, 
1637 (of Hoe?), 4 Joane, 5 Eichard, 6 Nicholas, baptised 1 
July 1645 (whose wife, Mary, was buried 11 June 1696), 7 
Elizabeth ; by his second wife, Joane, buried 29 March, 1 673, 
he had, 8 James, baptised 12 September, 1649 ; and Francis, 

14 Henry, and William, who died young. Thomas, the elder son 

of William, married Anne , and had, inter alios, an elder 

son Thomas, baptised 1 September, 1667, who had issue, 1 
John, baptised 8 December, 1704, died before 80 September, 
1739 (the father of James, Mary, and John) ; 2 Thomas ; 3 

15 William, 4 Anne, 5 James (of whom immediately), 6 Charles, 
15 7 Elizabeth, 8 Mary, 9 Francis, James (above named), was 

baptised 20 July, 1715, married Olive , by whom he had 

IQ 1 Thomas, 2 Jerman, 3 James, 4 Francis, 5 Eichard, 6 

IQ Mary, 7 Charles. The fifth son Eichaed, baptised 23 August, 

1749, married 4 May, 1777, Elizabeth, daughter of Eagget, 

and had issue, 1 Jerman, who died young ; 2 Eichard Cole, of 
Odiham, banker, born 1779, married and had two daughters 
and two sons, Eichard John Cole,* attomey-at-law, and James 
Cole of Windsor; 3 Charles Clarke Cole, bom 1781, died 
unmarried at Basingstoke ; 4 James Cole, bom 1 782, died of 

* He was author of a series of humourous, but practical, letters and essays, 
entitled Pantomime Budgets (8vo, London, 1853), wherein he proposed and advocated 
the principle of prepaid taxation by means of stamps on bankers' draughts, docu 
ments current for purposes of evidence or of securing rights, receipts of registra- 
tion, &C., and to his suggestions may be attributed the adoption of the various 
inland revenue stamps now in use. 


17 yellow fever on the coast of Africa; 5 Thomas, born 1784, died 
at Plaitford, near Eomsey, Hants, leaving two sons and four 

17 daughters ; 6 Francis (of whom directly) ; 7 Mary Anne, born 
1789, married Captain John Scott, RK, by whom she had a 
large family ; 8 Sarah, died in childhood ; 9 John, born 1794, 

17 married, but died at Odiham, The above Francis Cole, 
born 1787, was a surgeon at Odiham (and died there 29 Decem- 
ber, 1865) ; he married Jane, daughter of Charles Benham, of 
Long Sutton, Hants, and left issue, 1 Anna Jane, 2 Eev. 

18 Francis Charles Cole, born 1833, of Wadham College, 
Oxford, M.A., perpetual curate of Long Sutton, Hants, who mar- 
ried Lydia Hannah, daughter of the Eev. Henry Addington 
Simcoe, of Wolford Lodge, Devon, and Penheale, Cornwall, by 
whom he has issue, Edith Anne Lydia Cole, and Francis Sim- 

19 cob Cole, bom 26 November, 1865 ; 3 John Angus Cole, died 
18 young ; 4 Emily Sarah ; 5 Eev. Arthur Eagget Cole, born 

1841, of Wadham College, Oxford, MAf 
V. Edward Cole, (sometimes caUed eldest son of John and Eliz.), 
was principal registrar to the Bishop of Winchester, mayor of 
that city in 1587, and M.P. for the same in 43 Queen Elizabeth ; 
he married Christian, daughter of Wm. Holcroft, and by her 
bad issue, four sons, and two daughters, viz : — 
1. Edward Cole, esquire, his successor in the registry, who 
married Elizabeth, daughter of Ebden, D.D., of Win- 
chester, and had issue, Edward C, of Winchester (whose 

t The following entries occur in the registers of Bishop's Waltham, but, as it is 
not quite clear where they link on to the above, they have not been incorporated 
in the text : — 

Agnes, wife of Stephen Cole, buried 20 October, 1657. 

John Cole of Hoe (in Bishop's Waltham), buried 3 March, 1690. 

John, son of John Cole of Hoe, baptised 23 April, 1699. 

William, son of William Colles {sic) baptised 30 July, 1703. 

Elizabeth, daughter of Cole of Curdridge (in Bishop's Waltham, bap- 

tised 18 January, 1709. 

Sarah, wife of Cole of Curdridge, buried 10 Febrqaiy, 1717. 

Thomas, son of John Cole {or Coke ?), baptised 29 September, 1725. 
And this in the Odiham register : — 

Robert, the son of John Cole, and Mabella his wife, was buried 4th of October, 
Arms as Cole of Sudbury (see page 9.) 


wife Frances w^as buried at Odiham, 5 June, 1656), Jane, 
Elizabeth, and Susan. The Registrar was buried at Odiham, 
13 September, 1659. 

2. "William Cole, who died s. p. 

3. Martin Cole of Winchester, who married Ursula, daughter of 

Eobert Vaus of Odiham, co. Hants, by his wife , sister 

to Sir Edmond Ludlow, and had issue, [ ? John Cole of Odi- 
ham, who married Alice Pawlett]. 

4. John Cole, who married a daughter of John Lynch, and had 

The daughters of Edward and Christian, were, 1, Anne, mar- 
ried to Thomas Fryar ; and 2, Jane, married to Launcelot 
Thorpe, alderman of Winchester. * 

8 XL We now return to Jobqt, * (second son of Sir John Cole, 
knt.) who married Jane, daughter of Robert Meryot of Devon, and 

9 had two sons, viz. : — Simon, his heir ; and William, of whom pre- 
sently, viz., on p. 22. Sir Simon (as he is frequently designated) -f- 
was seated at Slade, in the parish of Comwood, in the county 
of Devon, and died 12 Henry VII. (1497). He married Alice, J 
daughter and co-heir to — Leuri, of the county of Devon, 
had a daughter Joane, married to William Hele,§ of South 
Hele in Copneywood, Devonshire, esq. (by whom she had 
issue, represented by James Modyford Hele, who died a 
minor in August, 1716) § and a son, John Cole, of Slade, 
one of his Majesty's Justices of the Peace for the county of 
Devon in 1512-13, etc., who died 21 Nov., 35 Henry VIIL, 
(1543), having had issue by his wife, Thomasine, || daughter 
and heiress to Thomas Wallcot of Walcot in the county of 

* He bore tlie paternal coat of Cole with " a crescent Go." for difference. 

+ Harl M8S. 5185-1567-5840

t All descendants of Sir Simon Cole and Alice are entitled to quarter the arms 
of Luri, viz.f Sa. 3 oak leaves Arg. 

§ For a full account of this family, which was raised to the Baronetage in 
the person of Sir Thomas Hele, of Fleet, fourth in descent from Joane Cole, see 
Burke's Extinct Baronetage. 

II And descendants of John and Thomasine Cole to those of Wallcott, Arg., on 
a cross flory Sa. 6 fleur de lis Or. 


Devon, a son and heir, Thomas, who married, first, Joan, 
daughter of William Stourton, esq., and having no issue by her 
he married, secondly, Joane,* daughter and heiress to John Hill 
of Buckland Touzsaints, in the county of Devon, esq., and died 
81 January 1541 (32 Henry VIII.) leaving three daughters, 
and three sons, viz. : — ^first daughter, Margaret, married, first, 
to Thomas Southcote, of Southcote, in the county of Devon, and 
secondly, to John Fursland, of Bickington, in the county of Devon, 
by whom-f* she had Walter F., Judith (married to Alexander 
Gottom, of Abbots Kerswell), Ursula (to Eobert Barnes, of Ply- 
mouth), Alice (to Hugh Lear, of Ipplepen), Thomasine (to* 
Eobert Lynham, of Cornwall) ; second dau., Joane, married first, 
to Hugh Hill, of Heath, and secondly to Eobert Dowrish, 
of Heath-barton, in the county of Devon, gent, (second son 
of Thomas Dowrish, of Dowrish in Sandford), by whom she 
had Thomas Dowrish, who married Wilmot, daughter of 
Eichard Prouse of Exeter ; third daughter, Thomasine, married, 
first, to Sir Eoger Grenville, an esquire of the body to Henry 
VIII. (son of Sir Eichard Grenville, kni, of Stowe)J who 
was drowned at sea, mtd patris, and had issue, three sons, 
viz, : — (A) John Grenville, who died s. p, ; (B.) Sir Eichard 
GrenviUe, successor to his grandfather, knighted in 1577, Vice- 
Admiral of England, and Sheriff of Cornwall in 1578, slain in 
a sea fight in 1591, and married Mary, daughter and co-heiress 
of Sir John St. Leger, of Annery, in the county of Devon, 
knt., by whom she had, John, Katherine, Ursula, Mary, and 
an eldest son, Sir Bernard, who died in 1605, and left by 
his wife Elizabeth, daughter and co-heiress of Philip Bevile of 
Brynne, a son, the eminent royalist, Sir Bevil Granville, 
caUed "the Bayard of England," the "Mirror of Chivalry," 

* Joane Hill brought in : — Arg. a chevron between 3 waterbougets Sa. 

t Westcote'a Devon, p. 698. 

t Fuller says of the Granvilles : ** But the merits of this ancient Family are so 
man}/ and great, that ingroaaed, they would make one county proud, which divided 
would make two happy, I am therefore resolved equally to part what I have to 
say hereof betwixt Cornwall and Devonshire." 


and " Hero of his Country •/' and (C) Sir Charles Grenville, 
who died 8. p. She (Thomasine) married, secondly, Thomas 
Arundel, of Ley in Cornwall, and by him had : — 1, Alexander 
Arundel, who married Katherine, daughter of Eobert Hill of Hilli- 
gan, in the county of Cornwall ; 2, John Arundel ; 3 , Eobert Arundel ; 
4, Thomas Arundel ; 5, Digory Arundel ; first daughter, Kathe- 
rine, married to Hitchin ; second daughter, Elizabeth, 

married to John Coplestone ; third daughter, Mary ; and fourth 
daughter, Jane.* 

I. William (son of Thomas and Joane) succeeded his father; 
married Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Philip Champernon, of 
Modbury, knt., (by Catherine, daughter of Edmund Carew of 
Mohun's Ottery) and died 23 April, 1547 (4 Edward VI.) 
eaving Philip,-|- his heir, who married Joane, daughter of Thomas 
Williams, of Stowford, esq., and died 30 June, 1595 (38 Eliza- 
beth) leaving a son, Eichard, aged 28 years in April, 1595, who 
married Eadigon,J daughter of Nicholas Boscawen, of Bliston, 
in the county of Cornwall, esq., and " was of Buckeishe in 
the parish of Wolfardisworthy " (vulgo Wohwovthy) "where he 
died" s,p, on 19 April 1614 (12 James I.) "and lyeth buried in 
the North He of the church there." " He was the last of the 
family who resided at Buckeishe,"§ where " he built a harbour 
on his land to shelter ships." " By his last Will and Testament 
in writing, dated 7 January, 1612, and proved 13 July, 
1614, he devised all his Lordships, Manors, Lands, Tenements, 

? ffarl. MS. 1079, £. 27. Thomas Arundel was a younger son of Sir John Arundel, 
Sheriflf of ComwaU in 1471 (grandson of Sir John Arundel of Trerice, by Joane, sister 
and co-heir of John Durant), by his second wife Anne, daughter of Sir Walter 
Moyle, knt. About 1500 he built Clifton in Landulph, where the family resided 
till co-heiresses carried that estate, about 1620, to Killigrew and Lower. See 
Lyson's Cornwall and the Peerages, 

t Queen Elizabeth, on the 3rd July, in the 6th year of her reign, granted to 
Philip and Joaoe Cole, in perpetuity, divers messuages, lands, and tenements, in 
Tregolyn, and elsewhere in Cornwall and Devon. Add. MS, (Brit, Mtia.) 
6371,1 9 b. 

t She married, secondly. Sir William Cooke of Highnam, in co. Gloucester, knt. 
Collins' Peerage, 8vo, London, 1779, vol. VI., p. 81. 

§ Risdon's Survey of Devon, p. 242. 


etc., in the counties of Devon and Cornwall, unto Captaine 
John Cole, of London, gent.,* and the heirs male of his body ; 
and for want of such issue, he devised the same" in like 
manner to Gregory Cole of the Middle Temple, London, 
esquire ; and for want of issue in like manner devised his said 
lands, etc., to Eobert Cole, of London, gentleman; the 
remainder to his own right heirs.** 

^ II. Eichard Cole of Buckland, esquire, (second son of Thomas 
and Joane Cole) married Alice, daughter to John Green- 
field, alias Grenville, of Exeter, esq., and died 5 February, 
1572 (15 Eliz.) leaving a son John {cet 21 ann. et Gmens. in 
September, 1572,) who married Katherine, daughter of John 
Hele, esq., and died 1 June, 1 582 (24 Elizabeth) having had 
issue, John, who was in his fifth year in 1583, and died s, p. 
on 13th April 1595 ; and two daughters, co-heirs, mz.y Alice, 
the elder (ceL 18 in 1595) married to George Southcott, esq., 
son of Sir George Southcott, of Shillingford,-f- knt., by whom 
she had a son George S., born in 1599 ; and Johan (cet 16 
in 1595) married to Sir Thomas Prideaux, knt., of Nutwell, 
Devon,-f- and had issue, Thomas Prideaux.-|- 

III. Eobert Cole,{ (third son of Thomas and Joan Cole) married 

* '' Shortly after the said Captaine John Cole died without issue male, and the 
said Gregory Cole (who is mencioned in this pedigree) him succeeded, and is now, 
A. D. 1630, possessed of the said Richard Cole, his dwelling House and Lands at 
Buckeishe aforesaid, &c." — Segab 

t Westcote'fl Devon. 

t One of the Harl MSS, (No. 1046, fo. 202) describes him as ** of Heston in 
Middlesex ;'* but the others do not give this " addition." A family bearing the 
same name, and traditionaUy said to be of the Twickenham stock, (see note on p. 8) 
has been settled at, and owned considerable property in Sutton, Lampton, and 
North Hyde, hamlets of Heston, for more than three centuries, as is testified by the 
parish registers, and various muniments of title. The representation of this goodly 
line, which matched with the Childs of Osterley, the Berkeleys, the Coles of 
Twickenham, and other leading families of the neighbourhood, devolved on the 
late Mr. William Cole, of Sutton, who died 25 April, 1862, aged 82. He was only 
son of Edward C, elder son of William, the son of Edward C, who died in 1709, 
aged 29; and left only two sons, viz, : — 1, Arthur William Cole, of Heston, an 
officer in the Fourth Middlesex Regiment of Militia, married to Georgiana, 
daughter of J. Bayer Hogarth, of Heston, J. P., by whom he has issue; and 
2, Sydney Cole, of Newton Lodge, Faringdom, Berks, who married the 
daughter and heiress of William Wheeler Wintle of Faringdon. 


, daughter of John Evelyn, of Kingston-on-Thames, 

in the county of Surrey, esq., and had George Cole of Peter- 
sham, in the county of Surrey, and of the Middle Temple, who 
died 23 June 1624?, in the 70th year of his age, seised of a manor 
in Kingston, called Hartington, and of Little Ashtead, or Prior's- 
farm, the manor of Charlton, lands, etc., in Petersham ; 
to the poor of which parish he left certain lands. His wife 
was Frances,* daughter and heiress to Thomas Preston of 
Petersham, esq., (descended from the Prestons of Lincolnshire) 
by whom he had issue, 1, Gregory, 3, Henry, 4, George, 
6, John, 7, John, Eleanor and Maria, who all died young; 
Elizabeth (married to Henry Lee of London, merchant) ; Joane 
(married to Henry^Mowsse, of London, and had issue Arthur, 
Mary, Jane, Frances, Elizabeth, and Eichard M., son and heir, 
aged 7 years in Jan. 1643) ; Frances (married to Eichard, son 
and heir to Sir Cuthbert Hacket, knt., alderman and lord-mayor 
of London, by whom she had six sons and two daughters) ; 
and 2, (another) Gregory Cole, of Petersham, Slade, and Buckishe, 
cet 35 at his father's death, who was admitted student in law 
at the Middle Temple on 24 November, 1615, and lies buried 
in the Temple Church.f From the mention of him in Pepys' 

? AU descendants of this match quarter arms of Preston, Arg. two bars Gu., 
in a canton of the second a cinquefoil, Or. 

f In Dugdfile's Origines JuridicialeSy fol., London, 1680, it is erroneously stated 
that the memorial there existing was to George Cole ; but it should be Oregory. 
George was buried at Petersham, where a Que table and canopied monument, pro- 
fusely ornamented with carving and heraldic devices, stiU remains. On it are 
the effigies of himself and wife, and these inscriptions : 

Memorise Sacrum. Georgia ColCf avo, nepotiq ; hlc, eodem tumulo conditis, Gre- 
gorius Colus, hujus pater illius filius, posuit. 

Below this, on black marble, are two compartments ; on the first, 
Unk, lapide hoc sub uno, ossa duonim sita sunt Oeorgii Cole, Arm. Avi, Georgiiq ; 
nepotis. Avus Societatis Medii Templi fuit. Uxor em Franciscam, prolem unicam 
Tkomce Preston familise Prestonorum Lincolnienaium duxit ; qu89 eum foecunda 
Bobole, octo filiorum, et filiarum quinq ; ditavit. Septem patri, adhuc viventi. 
Mors prseripuit ; sex jam discedenti superstites reliquit ; filios tres, Oregorium (qui 
Janam, Oulielmi Blighe h Botathan in Com. Cornub, Ar. filiam, uxorem duxit, 
Gextrgiumq ; Avo Consepultum genuit) Thomam & Robertum ; filias itid' tres, quae 
tribus Civibus Londinermhus nupserunt, Franciscam, qu» Ricardo Hacket ; Johan- 


Diary^ Bray's Memoirs of John Evelyn^ and similar works, it is 
evident that he was one of the leading lawyers of the period, 
and also that he was an amateur of the fine arts ; he suffered 
severely for his loyalty to King Charles I., and was mulcted 
in the sum of <;P415 10s. as a composition for his estate.*}" 
He married, 4 May, 1614, Jane, daughter of William Bligh, 
of Botathan, in the county of Cornwall, esq., and by her, 
who died on friday, 17 November, anno domini 1643, and was 
buried at Aston Eowant, he had issue, George, born 1621, 
who died 18 June 1624, and was buried with his grandfather 
at Petersham ; Frances, aged 14 years in 1623, who was 
wife to Richard Thornhill, esq., died 10 September, 1640, and 
was buried at Aston Eowant ; and another George, (of whom 
hereafter on p. 19). He (Gregory) was afterwards of Adding- 
ton in Surrey ; and married, secondly, Mary, daughter of Sir 
George Chudleigh, of Ashton, in the county of Devon, bart., and 

nam, qpob Edwardo Mowaae ; et Elizdbetham, quas Henrico Lee: Kepos, avo prse- 
vius, 18 JuD. quadrimus; ariis, ejusdem mensis 23^ Septuagenus, obiit, Anno 
Domini, 1624. On the second compartment : 

Siste gradum, Sortisque memor mortalis, amice 

lUacryma en f ato corpora bina suo 
Pene simul defuncta, nepos modo fervida vivo 

Cora seni, extincto nunc comes alget avo 
Lustra senex bis septem Mvi fselicia clausit : 

Quarta sed heu ! puerum bruma renata tulit. 
Hie senium evasit, senio satur iUe recessit : 

Nee plus vixisse hie, nee velit iUe minus. 
Nil habet Invidia ipsa senis quo vsellicet annos, 

Nil Spes, quod puero non quoq ; bianda dedit ; 
Ego tibi has lacrymas aut serva, aut funde, viator 

Quem dubia insano turbine fata rotant. 

Below the above is this: 

Francisca, uxor piiaedicti QeorffU Cole, obiit 19 die Julii, in Anno Domini, 1633. 

On a black stone within the communion rails : 

Under this stone lye the Bodyes of George Cole, Esq., and of George Cole his 
grandchilde ; in memory of whom the monument on the north side of this ChanceU 
is erected. The grandfather dyed the 23 of June, the grandchilde on the 18th of 
June, Anno Dom. 1624.— VoL 1. p. 441 of Manning and Bray's Surrey, fo. Lond. 

t Interregnum Papers, in State Paper Office, voL 62, No. 323, and Mrs. M. 
A. K Qreen'B Cal. of State Papers {Domestic Series), 


relict of Hugh Clififord of Ugbrook, co. Devon,* by whom 
he had Jane, Elizabeth, Mary, and Eobert, born 20 April 
1652 ; — 6, Thomas (second surviving son of George and 
Frances) to whom Prior's farm in Ashtead and Leatherhead 
was bequeathed ; — 8, Eobert Cole (third surviving son of George 
and Frances) was of Addington, and of the Middle Temple. 
He " compounded for his estate by paying a fine of <£^639 7s.;" 
and married Elizabeth, only daughter to Sir Timothy Thomell (or 
Thornhill) of Ollangtyh in Wye, in the county of Kent, kntf By 
her, who died in childbed 14 November, 1651, and was buried at 
Wickham in Kent, on 26 November, he had Eobert Cole, born in 
the parish of Addington, where he was buried 29 December 1651, 
and thence transferred to the side of his mother in the vault at 
Wickham ; and Jane, his daughter and sole heiress, who was 
second wife to Sir Thomas Darcy, of St. Osith, Cleerehall, and 
Braxted Lodge, in the county of Essex, bart., and had issue, 
Thomas, second bart, who died unmarried in October 1698; 
Brian, bom October 1669, William, John, who all died without 
issue ; and two daughters, v'lz.^ Elizabeth, and Frances, who was 
married to the Most Eev. Sir William Dawes, baronet. Arch- 
bishop of Canterbury. She died 22nd December, 1705, and by 
his Grace had issue, Elizabeth, married to Sir William Milner, 
bart., M.P. for the city of York (and was great-grandmother 
of the late Sir WiUiam Mordaunt Sturt Milner, bart., of 
Nun-Appleton-hall, in the county of York, whose son and 
heir is the present Sir William Mordaunt Edward Milner, 
bart., M.P. for York 1848 — 57); and Sir Darcy Dawes, son and 
heir, who succeeded as fourth baronet, married in 1723, Sarah, 
(or according to Bueke, Janet) daughter and co-heiress of 
Eichard Eoundell, of Hutton-Wandsley, in the county of York, 
esq., and died 16 August, 1732, leaving a son and heir, Sir 

• Burke's Extinct Barmetage—iitlQ " Chudleigh"— Theii- son Sir Thomas Clifford, 
afterwards Lord High Treasurer, died in 1673, and was ancestor of the present 
Lord CJlifford of Chudleigh. 

t Arms of ThomhiU to be quartered by descendants of Robert and Elizabeth 
Cole : Gu., two bars gemeUes Arg., a bend of the second; on a chief of the last a 
tower triple towered Az. 


William Dawes, fifth and last baronet, who died unmarried 
28 May, 1741, when the baronetcy became extinct, and, a 
daughter, Elizabeth, married to Edwin Lascelles, Lord Hare- 
wood, of Harewood Castle in Yorkshire, but died without 
surviving issue at Bath in 1764. 
George, the before-mentioned (on p. 17) son of Gregory and Jane 
Cole^ succeeded not only to Buckishe and other property in 
Devon, but also to the "Eectorial Glebe'** estate at Enstone 
in Oxfordshire, in the church of which place he was *' interred, 
anno domini 1678, aged 48;" as was also "Anne, his Eelick, 
who departed this life, November y* 1st, ]690."-f- Their chil- 
dren were Elizabeth; Harry, baptised 1666; Francis, baptised 
1668 ; Jane, baptised 1670. 

Elizabeth, married, first, to Thomas Chudleigh,J Envoy to the 
Court of Holland, temp. King Charles II. (son of Sir George 
Chudleigh, bart.) ; and, secondly, to Sir John Stonhouse of 
Amberden-haU, in the county of Essex, bart., by whom she had. 
Sir George S., sixth baronet (who died in his minority, 13 April, 
1695), and Elizabeth, sole heiress, married to Thomas Jervoise 
of Heriard, Hants, from which match descend (maternally) 
Francis Jervoise Ellis Jervoise, present possessor of Heriard 
Park, J.P., D.L, high-sheriff of the county of Hants in 1852, 
and also Sir Jervoise Clarke Jervoise, bart., of Idsworth Park, 
M.P. for South Hants. Dame Elizabeth died 20 July 1718, 
and was buried at Enstone.§ 

Jane, married, first, on 4 March, 1689, in Westminster Abbey, 
to the Hon. and Eev. George Berkeley, || Prebend of Westminster 

? A branch of the family had previously acquired this estate. In 1619 William 
and Frances Cole had a son William, baptised. In 1624 Henry Cole was buried, 
and in 1625, John Cole. The Rectorial Mansion no longer exists, but the site of 
its extensive gardens and terraces may still be traced ; a small farm house has 
been erected thereon. 

+ Monumental inscriptions in Jordan's Enstone, 

X Collins' and Bethams' Baronetages. 

§ Monumental Inscriptions in Jordan's Enstone, 

II Sandford's OeneaXogical History, dbc, p. 213; Collins* Peerage, ed. 1779, voL 4» 
p. 26 ; Coll, Top, et Oeneal., vol. 7, p. 140, 


(second son of George, first Earl of Berkeley, by his wife, 
Elizabeth, daughter of John Massingberd of London, esq.) and 
had an only daughter, Elizabeth, married to John Brown of 
Tuppenden, in Kent. Mrs. Berkeley married, secondly, Jere- 
miah Chaplin, esq., "one of the Gentlemen Ushers, daily Waiters 
to her Majesty," and died in 1747. Their only daughtej^ and 
heiress, Jane (Chaplin), was married to Eobert Eudyerd,* 
(third son of Sir Benjamin R, of Westwoodhaye, Berks), and 
had issue, a daughter, Jane (who died 1811, aged 89) the 
wife of Captain Eichard Shipley, of Copt-hall, and Stam- 
ford, and mother of Major-General Sir Charles Shipley, 
E.E., Governor of Grenada ; who had issue, Augusta Mary, 
married to Charles Alexander Manning, esq., and Elizabeth 
Cole, married to Henry David, Earl of Buchan, by whom she 
had inter alios, David Stuart Erskine, present Earl of Buchan. 

The son, Harry Cole, in 1690, married Mary , and had, 1690, 

Edward; 1691, Elizabeth; 1692, Mary; 1694, Jane; 1695^ 
Anne; 1696, George; 1697, Harry; 1698, Grace; 1699*, 
Gregory; 1700, Sarah; 1702, Francis; 1704, Johanna; 1705, 
Potter; 1707, George. He was an active Justice of the Peace for 
the county of Oxford. The Eev. John Jordan, in his Histm^y 
of Enstone^-f writes: — "Three of Mr. Cole's children, George 
Grace, and George, died in their infancy, and on the diamond 
stones covering their graves in the church are Latin inscriptions 
with mottoes to each, expressive at once of the piety of the 
parents, and the circumstances of the children. In December, 
1702, at the age of four, died Grace, the motto on her stone 
being *Talium est Eegnum Coelorum.' In May, 1703, in five 
morilhs after the former, died George, aged seven, whose motto 

is * Veni, Vidi, Vici* Born in June, 1707, and buried in 

July, 1708, just twelve months old, was another George, 

whose motto is * Bulla est vita humana' Mr. Harry Cole's 

eldest son Edward appears to have succeeded his father, but 
though married, not to have had any family. At least, none 

? Sleigh's History of Leek, and The BeUquary for 1867, p. 217. 
t 8vo, London, J. R. Smith, 1857, pp. 360-362. 


are registered here, although he and his wife were buried here 
according to the following inscriptions on their gravestones in 
the chancel: — *Here lieth the body of Edward Cole of Buckish 
in the County of Devon, Esquire, who departed this life the 
17th of December, 1756, aged 67. And also the body of 
Sophia Cole, Widow and Eelict of the said Edward Cole, who 
departed this life the 18th Nov : 1757, aged 47. She was 
the daughter of Hugh Parker, Esquire, eldest son of Sir Henry 
Parker, of Honington, in the county of Warwick, Baronet, and 
sister to the present Sir Henry John Parker, Baronef 

Johanna Cole, who was born in 1704*, married into the family of 
the Loggins of Warwickshire, and her son the Eev. William 
Loggin of Long Marston, Gloucestershire, succeeded on the 
death of the Eev. Potter Cole to the estates of the Cole family 
in Devonshire, etc., and by virtue of an Act of Parliament, 
which received the royal assent on 26 June, 1802, was "enabled 
to take the name and to bear the arms of Cole, pursuant to the 
will of his late Uncle Edward Cole, Esquire." Mr. Loggin-Cole 
left a son, the Eev. William Loggin, who is described as 

"William Loggin, gent., of the parish of Halford, in the county of 
Warwick/' at the time of his marriage with Mary, the youngest 
daughter of Nicholas Marshall, D.L., for the county of Oxon (by 
Eleanour, his wife, daughter of John Coxwell, of Ablington 
house, in the county of Gloucester) and left one son, who in his turn 
also left one, Mr. Nicholas Marshall Loggin, who is at this 
time the male representative of the families of Cole and Loggin. 

Potter Cole, MA., entered into holy orders, and was sometime 
Sector of Alderley, Gloucestershire, where his wife Frances, 
daughter of Mrs. Frances Paske, died at the age of 24, on the 
21st of May, 1733. He was also Vicar of Hawkesbury, in the 
same county, for the period of 73 years ; and, says a writer in 
the Oentleman's Magazine " passed his long life in the constant 
and uniform "practice of every christian duty. He was never 
absent from his parish for the space of one month at any time, 
and never advanced the rent of the tythes of anyone of his 
parishioners during his long incumbency. He was a friend to 
several public charities, and his private donations were a 


peipetual source of comfort to the widow and the fatherless. 
The poor of his own and the neighbouring parishes were almost 
daily partakers of his bounty; particularly during the late 
years of scarcity ; and have great cause deeply to deplore the 
loss of their benefactor." He was married four times, but left 
no surviving issue. According to a monument in the church 
at Hawkesbury, he had by his wife Sarah (Arnold) a son, 
Harry, who died 12 June, 1756, aged 15 years, Elizabeth, 
who died 16 March, 1762, aged 23 years, and Frances, who 
died 15 May 1768, aged 16 years. He died 24 March, 1802, 
having nearly attained the great age of 97 years, " as (continues 
Mr. Jordan) I have learned from a friend who knew and 
visited him only two years before his death; when although 
debilitated from age and some natural afflictions, he retained 
much of the vigour of mind and politeness of manner by which 
he had been distinguished." The Eev. Edward Marshall, of 
Sandford Manor House, Oxon, possesses a sketch of him, 
which was considered a very faithful portrait ; and which, though 
made in his 95th year, represents him as a man of much in- 
telligence and power. 

9 William Cole (before-mentioned on p. 12) younger son of John, 
and grandson of Sir John Cole, knt, married Elizabeth, 
daughter of Sir Eichard Weston of Wiltshire, knt., and by her 
had a son and heir, 

10 John Cole, who married Mary, daughter and heiress to Thomas 
Archdeacon,* alias Ercedekne of Devon, gent., and had issue, 

• The name of this ancient and noble family, which gare five knights of the shire 
to Cornwall, has been in different ages spelt in various ways; but TArcedekne, and 
Erchdeken seem to have been the most usual. The family was originally of Devon, 
but afterwards became by inheritance possessed of ** two noble seats in Cornwall ; 
of which the castle of Ruan-Lanihome, then called Shepestall, was perhaps the 
most superb." In later times, however, the manor of East j^thony, which was 
obtained by marriage with the heiress of D'Auney, became the chief residence of 
this house. 

In the reign of Henry III. Sir Michael Erchdekne owned the manor of Show- 
brooke in Devon, which, it is supposed, was acquired through a marriage with the 
heiress of the ClaveUs, who had been lords thereof from the time of the Norman 


11 Thomas Cole of London, who died April, 1571. He married 
Elizabetli, daughter of Thomas Hargrave of London, and had issue, 
four sons, and a daughter, Martha, who was married to John 
Warsop, of Clapham in Surrey, gentleman, and by him had a 

His son and heir Sir Thomas Ercedekne, kat., sheriflf of CornwaU, 7 Edward I., 
was father of Odo or Eudo le Ercedekne, who, in 1289, gave the lands of West- 
lydeton, to the abbey of Tavistock, and, in 1312, held the lordship and castle of 
Trematon. Odo was living in 18 Edward I., as was also his son and heir, Thomas, 
who afterwards received the honour of knighthood, and was made governor of 
Tintagei Castle. He served frequently as knight of the shire, was summoned to 
parliament as a Baron, from 15 May, 14 Edward II. (1321) to 13 September, 18 
Edward II., and died at a patriarchal age in 1329. He married, first, Alice, 
daughter and eventual co-heir to Sir Thomas, Lord de la Roche ; and his second 
wife was Maud, daughter of the Lord Mulys (or Moels). By the latter he had no 
issue, but by the former he had a son and heir. Sir John Archedekne (aged about 25 
years at his father's decease), who was knight of the shire in 10 Edward III., and 
much engaged in that monarch's wars with France and Scotland. He had summons 
to parliament as a Baron in 16 Edward III. (1342), and married Cecily, daughter 
and heiress to Sir Jordan de Haccombe (by his wife Isabel, daughter and heiress 
of Sir Mauger St. Aubyn, knt., of Pidekeswell in Georgeham, co. Devon), and by 
her had nine sons. Ealph, the eldest, died, s. p.; Sir Warren A., knt., the second 
son, succeeded to Lanheme, &c., married Elizabeth, daughter and co-heir of Sir 
John Talbot of Richards Castle, co. Hereford, and had a daughter, Philippa, who 
married Sir Hugh Courtenay of Boconnoc, brother to Edward, Earl of Devon, and 
second son of Hugh, the tenth Earl; Odo, the third son {Esch, 9 Henry IV., 
no. 39) was father of John I'Erchdekne, who, by Maud his wife, had a son and 
heir John, the father of Philippa and of another John (Esch. 13 Edward IV.), 
who had two sons, viz., John, the father of Joan, his heir, who was married 
to ¦ Winter, of Cornwall {Each. I Henry VIII), and Thomas, whose 

daughter Mary married John Cole, as in the text. The other six sons were Richard, 
who married Joane, daughter of Richard Bosowr, and had Thomas, in whom the 
heir male of this family took an end ; John; Robert; Martyn; Reignald; and 

In Gilbert's CornwaU^ it is conjectured that some persona in humble circum- 
stances, who bore the same name, and resided in the parish of East Anthony, were 
descendants of this ancient stock. A branch of it was once settled in Ireland ; 
and built the picturesque castle of Monkstown, on the cove of Cork, and also that 
that of Bumakelly. Mr. D' Alton in his Ilhistraiiona of King Jainea* Irish Army 
List (1689), voL I., gives sundry particulars relating to its various members, their 
possessions, &c., as do also Mrs. S. C. Hall, and Lady Chatterton, in their respec- 
tive Tours in Ireland, and Gibson's History of the County of Cork, Mr. Andrew 
Arcedekne of Glevering Hall, Suffolk, is presumed to be also descended from this 
ancient stock. 

Although the family of De la Roche (above named) was of the first distinction nd 


son John Warsop, of Windsor,, esq., and two daughters, viz., Rose 
W., married to George Smith of Mitcham, in Surrey, gent., by 
whom she had William, and several daughters; and Elizabeth 
W. (died in 1G23), married to Sir Thomas Watson, of Halstead in 

power in Pembrokesbire, but few scanty notices of it exist. A branch of it, 
wbicb has been ennobled under the titles of Fermoy, &c., settled in Ireland in very 
remote times, and had grants of large tracts of land in that kingdom, among 
which was one in the county of Cork, known to this day as ** Roche's Country.'* 

Another of its early members had the Province of Rh6s or Eoos, in South Wales, 
committed to his charge by King Henry II., and was styled "Comes Littoris," an 
office that was hereditary and the extent of its jurisdiction was marked by the 
castles of Benton and Roch. The latter is said to have been built by Adam de 
Bupe, who founded the church of St. Mary Roch, and the priory of Hubberston- 
PiU, about the latter part of the twelfth century. He married Amy, the fair 
daughter of Fleming, a Norman knight; and it appears from the statutes of St. 
David's and the Charter of PiU, that he had a son Adam, and also one named 
David, whose son John was father of Thomas. He was, doubtless, the Sir Thomas 
de Rupe, above mentioned, who was summoned as a Baron, to the parliament held 
at London, 28 Edward I., and at Carlisle, 34th of the same king; and who also 
signed the celebrated letter to Pope Boniface VIII., in 29 Edward I. He held 
his barony as of the barony of Haverford. 

Authorities state that his daughters Margaret (wife to Francis Fleming), Joan (wife 
to Sir David de la Roche), Alice (wife to Sir Thomas, Lord Arcedekne), Phillis (wife 
to Sir Kuwras Karn), and Louisa (wife to William de Valence) became eventually 
co-heirs; but in Dugdale's Warwickshire there is a pedigree shewing that he also 
left a son, Sir William de la Roche, who was the father of Sir Robert de la Roche, 
knt., who had John, married to Isabella, daughter and heiress to Henry de Brom- 
wich, by whom he was father of Thomas, oh. infra oB/atem, 9 Richard II., whose 
daughters and co-heirs were married to Edmund, fifth Lord Ferrers of Chartley, 
and to George Longvile. However, as Meyrick's Visitation of Wales by Lewis 
Dwnn vol. I.) only assigns to William a daughter and heiress, Mariota; whose 
daughter and heiress, Margaret, was wife to Sir Roger Clarendon, the natural son 
of Edward, "The Black Prince;" and as this is incontestably proved by a "Roll of 
Serjeanty" of Michaelmas Term 12 Richard II., it is evident that the Sir Robert 
named by Dugdale could not have been a legitimate son of Sir William. 

Some of the same name owned large possessions in Cornwall, and Somerset in 
the 13th century. According to the Testa de NevUl, Gilbert de la Roche held half 
a knight's fee at Cotteford and la Schute, in the county of Southampton, and in 
9 Edward I., Gilbert de R., was of Bromham in Wilts. His descendant John de 
Roche, chevalier, died, 50 Edward III., seised of several manors within the lordship 
of Haverford, and also of the family property in Wilts. The latter passed to Iiis 
direct lineal descendant and representative, the late R. Nicholas, of Ryndnay and 
Aston-Keynes, formerly President of the Board of Excise, whose son and heir is 


Kent, knt, by whom she had a daughter and heiress, Elizabeth, 
married, first, to Sir "William Pope, son and heir to Sir William 
Pope, baronet. Earl of Downe, and Baron of Belturbet, in Ireland, 
(dignities now extinct) by his wife Anne, daughter of Sir Owen 
Hopton, knt., lieut. of the Tower of London, and relict of 
Henry, Lord Wentworth of Yorkshire. He (i.e. Pope) died, vitd 
patris, in 1624, leaving issue, Thomas,* John, William, Anne, and 

Major Griffin Nicholas, of the Hon. Corps of Gentlemen-at-Arms, and late of the 
fifth Fusiliers. 

Mr. Nicholas Adamson Koche of Paskeston, J.P., and D.L., for the county of 
of Pembroke, and William Francis Roche, R.N., son of the late George Roche of 
Butterhill, J. P. and D.L. for the same county, are traditionaUy said to be des- 
cended from Adam de Rupe. 

Segar gives as the quarterings of the heiress of Archdeacon, these foUowing, viz : — 
1. Archdeacon, Arg., three chevrons Sa. ; 2. de Roches, Sa., two lions passant Arg., 
armed Gu. ; 3. de la Roche, Sa., three roaches naiant Ppr. ; 4. Haccombe, Arg., 
three bends Sa. ; but it appears that she was also entitled to place after her paternal 
coat and before that of Roches, &c., these of (la) Clavell of Lomen, Or., three keys 
Gu., bringing in (16) Lomen (or de Lumine) Sa., a sun Or; also, (Ic) D Auney, Arg., 
a bend Sa., between two cottises Az.; and after Haccombe the quarterings brought in 
by that heiress, viz., those of (4a) 8t. Aubyn of Oeorgeham, Erm., on a cross Gu. four 
bezants, bringing in (4&) Pideheawell {or PichweW). It is also to be inferred from 
Lysons' Devon, that she was entitled to quarter the arms of BucJcland, of Btichland 
in the Moor, viz., Arg., a fesse Sa., fretty Or, between three lions rampant, Gu. 

* This Thomas, bom in 1622, succeeded at his grandfather's decease in July 
1631, as second Earl of Downe, &c.; took an active part on the royalist side during 
the civil war, and died at Oxford, 28 December, 1660. By his wife Lucy, daughter 
of John Dutton, of Sherborne, he left an only daughter and heiress, the Lady 
Elizabeth Pope, married, first, to Sir Francis Henry Lee, bart., of Quarendon, 
Berks, and Ditchley, Oxon, by whom she had Sir Edward Henry Lee, fifth 
baronet, who was raised to the peerage, in 1674, as Baron of SpeUesbury, Vis- 
count Quarendon, and Earl of Lichfield. He married Lady Charlotte Fitzroy, and 
had six sons and three daughters. His lordship, who refused to swear aUegiance tor 
the new government at the Revolution, died 14 July, 1716, and was succeeded by 
his eldest surviving son, Sir George Henry Lee, sixth baronet, and second Earl, 
who married Frances, daughter of Sir John Hales, of St. Stephens, Tunstall, and 
Woodchurch, in Kent, and had issue: 1, George Henry, who succeeded as 
third Earl, &c., but died, s. p. in 1775, when the honours passed to his uncle, the 
Hon. Robert Lee, M. P. for the city of Oxford, but expired on the decease of that 
nobleman, *. p. in 1776; 2, James, who died in 1742; 3, Charles Henry, who died 
in 1740 ; and five daughters, of whom the eldest, Charlotte, married, 26 Octo- 
ber, 1745 to Henry, eleventh Viscount DiUon, succeeded to the family estates 
on the death of her uncle Robert, fourth Earl ; Charles, the eldest son of this 


Elizabeth. She married, secondly, Sir Thomas Penestone of Comwell, 
in the county of Oxon, and of Leigh, in Sussex, knt., who was created 
a baronet, 25 November, 1612, and by him had two daughters ; the 
elder, Elizabeth, married to John Hastings, of Daylesford, in the 
county of Worcester (ancestor to Warren Hastings) ; the younger, 

, to Sir James Astrey, knt, master in Chancery ; and two sons, 

John, who died unmarried in 1632, and an elder. Sir Thomas P., 
who succeeded as second baronet, about 1644, and had issue. Sir 
Thomas, and Sir Eairmeadow, successively, third and fourth 
baronets, and Charles, who all died s. p. 

11 The sons of the said Thomas Cole of London, who died April 
1571, and was buried in Allhallows Church, London, were, 

18 I. William Cole of London, who died 16 February, 1600 (43 
Elizabeth) : he married Anne, daughter of Michael Colles of 
Bradwell, Bucks, and by her, who died 1603, had issue, L 

La Michael, son and heir, cet 20 ann. 9 mens., on 6 February, 1^02, 

who married Margaret, daughter of Skynner, of the county 

of Kent, and had an only daughter and heiress Elizabeth,* mar- 
ried to Sir William Wheeler of Westbury, in the county of Wilts, 

and of Westminster, knight and baronet, and had , an 

only daughter, who died in childhood. A handsome monu- 
ment to the memory of Sir William and Dame Elizabeth 
Wheeler still exists on the north wall of All Saints' Church in 
Derby, to which town he fled to escape the plague raging in 
London in 1666. 

marriage, became twelfth Viscount, died 1813, and was succeeded by his son, Henry- 
Augustus, bom 28 October, 1777, who assumed the additional surname and arms of 
Lee, which continue to be borne by his son and successor, Theobald Dominick 
Geoffrey Dillon-Lee, fifteenth and present Viscount Dillon. 

Lady Lichfield afterwards became the third wife of Robert Bertie, third Earl of 
Lindsay, by whom she had one son, Charles, and a daughter, Elizabeth, who both 
died unmarried. 

• In Burke^s Peerage and Baronetage, is this account : "Sir William "W., married 
a lady of the royal household, of whom the following circumstance is related : — 
* King Charles 1., at the beginning of his troubles, delivered to Lady Wheler, a 
casket which she was to take care of, and to return it to his majesty on the delivery 
of a ring. The evening before the King was beheaded, the ring was sent to Lady 
Wheler, and the casket delivered to the messenger.' " 


13 Ila William, bom 158 [7?] mamed Elizabeth, daughter to Na- 

thaniel Deards of London, silkman, and had issue : — 1, Aithur ; 2, 
William ; 3, Michael, who died s. p. ; 4, Humphrey ; 5, 

14 Nathaniel (of whom and whose descendants see a full account 
on page 32) ; 6, Thomas, M.A.,* who "was educated at West- 
minster school, and thence elected, 8 July, 1651, student of 
Christ Church, Oxford. On 15 October, 1656, he became prin- 
cipal of St. Mary's hall, Oxford, and was Tutor to the great Mr. 
Locke, but being in 1660, ejected for nonconformity by the 
King's Commissioners, he kept a boarding school at Nettlebed 
in Oxfordshire, from whence he removed to London, and took 
charge of a large congregation, and was one of the Lecturers at 
Pinner's hall. He died in September, 1697, and was a man of 
much learning, much of the gentleman, and eminent for his 
piety and virtue."-)- He was author of several sermons printed 
in the Morning Exercise at Cripjplegatet % and in the Casuistical 
Morning Exercise which are described as " very practical and 
useful." There is a very rare print (mezzotint) of him in a cloak 
and bands§ by (De Vriess?) 7, Robert (son of William and Eliza- 
beth) was Sir Robert Cole of Ballymackey, in the county of Tip- 
perary, Ireland, knt, which honour was conferred upon him at 
Whitehall, on 25 March 1671 ;|| M.P. for Enniskillen in 
1661, and attainted in 168| as an absentee by James II. He 
married, secondly, Anne, daughter of John Sprat, of Grange in 
Oxfordshire, esq. (who died 30 May, 1716, in the 62nd year of 

* " William Cole, son of William, son of Thomas Cole, all of London, descendep 
from a second son of {i. e., William, second son of John) Cole of Slade (who was second 
son of Sir John C.) had confirmed or allowed him, Arg., a bull passant, Sa., armed 
Or, within a bordnre of the second bezantde." — Herald's Office, London, C 24, fol. 
598a ; Gnillim's Heraldry, 6th ed., p. 366. 

* Antony ^ Wood's AtJience Oxonienaea {Fasti) vol. IV. col. 166. John Le Neve's 
Fa^ti Anglkana, fo. 1710, p. 605. Kennett's Register and Chronicle^ fo., London, 
1728, p. 903. Gorton's and other Biographical Dictionaries, Pulteney's Sketches, 

+ Dr. Edmund Calamy's Nonconformist's Memorial, abridged and corrected by 
S. Palmer, 8vo, London, 1802, vol. I. pp. 249—252. 

1 12mo, London, 1674—76. 

§ Granger's Biographical History of England, vol. III., p. 337. 

II Le Neve's Collections of Knighthoods, vol. I. p. 97, in Harl, MS. 5801. 


her age, and was buried under the belfry of St. Michan's church, 
Dublin, and left by will dPlOO for the support of an English 
school in Ballymackey), and had, by his first wife, a son, Robert 
Cole, whose daughter and sole heiress Jane, was married in 
1718 to Henry Bowen of Bowen's-court, in Farihy, in the county 
of Cork (great-grandson of Colonel Bowen, who settled in Ireland, 
tem'p. Cromwell, a cadet of the family of Bowen of Court-house, 
Ilston, in the county of Glamorgan), who was the great-great- 
grandfather of Eobert Cole-Bowen, M.A., of Bowen's-court, J. P. 
for the counties of Cork and Tipperary, high-sheriff of the latter 
county in 1865, and captain in the Royal South Cork regi- 
ment of militia, the present owner of the Ballymackey Castle 
estate. Captain Cole-Bowen married, 3 December, 1860, Eliza- 
beth Jane, daughter of Charles Clarke, of Graigenoe-park, Holy- 
cross, in county Tipperary, by whom he had (1864) issue : 1, 
Henry Cole-Bowen ; 2, Robert Cole-Bowen ; 3, Cole- 
Ill.a Thomas Cole (son of Wm. Cole and Anne, daughter of Michael 
CoUes) was of the Inner Temple, London, of Wethouse in the parish 
of Walderne in Sussex, and also of the Court of Wards and Liveries 
He compiled the "Escheats,''* now in the Harleian collection 
in the British Museum, and in 1630 was 42 years old: he mar- 
ried Katberine, daughter of John Warnett of Hempstead, in Fram- 
field, in the county of Sussex, gent., who died 24? October, 1 648, "by 
whom he had issue : 1, Richard (or Reginald) aged 4 years in 
1630 ; 2, Thomas, who died young ; 3, John Cole, of London, 
born in 1629, died s. p. ; 4, William Cole, aged 4 months in 
July 1630; 5, Thomas: and three daughters, viz,\ 1, Susan, 
died young ; 2, Susan ; 3, Anne. He married, secondly, on 
15 May, 1651, a daughter of James Preston of London. 

II. Thomas Cole (son of Thomas and Elizabeth, see pp. 23 and 
26) in Holy Orders, and B.D., died s. p. 

* In these volumes are rubbings from his seal, bearing the family arms, and the 
crest of *' a demi-dragon Vert, issuing out of a ducal coronet, and holding in the 
dexter paw an arrow Or." 


12 III. Emanuel Cole (son of Thomas and Elizabeth, see pp. 23 and 
26) was immediate ancestor of the Earls of Enniskilkn (see p. 41). 
IV. Solomon Cole (son of Thomas and Elizabeth) of Lyss, in the 
county of Southampton (born 8 January, 1547, buried at Lyss 
23 Nov., 1629)* married Mary, daughter and heiress of Thomas 
Deering, of Lyss, esq. (by Winifred, daughter of Sir George Cot- 
ton, of Combermere, in Cheshire) and had five sons and two 
daughters, viz, : — 

I. Thomas C, who married Mary, daughter of Thomas Waller of 
Beconsfield, in the county of Bucks, one of the Prothono- 
taries of the Common Pleas in England. She died in 1627, 
and was buried at Beconsfield ; and he was interred at Lyss on 
13 July, 1641. Their children were, 1, Thomas, baptised 15 
January, 162J (of whom below) ; 2. John, baptised 24 Nov., 
1622 ; 3, Solomon, baptised 27 February, 162f ; 4, George, 
baptised 19 March, 162§ ; 5, Deering, baptised 29 A^ril, 1626; 
Mary, baptised 18 March, 162f ; and Dorothy, married 16 De- 
cember, 1639, to More Fauntleroy. 

II. Henry C, D.L for the county of Southampton in 1626, married, 

first, Susan,-)- daughter and heiress to Michelborne of 

Hamons in Suffolk (brother to Sir Edward Michelborne) 
and by her, who was buried 23 December, 1624, had issue, 
Solomon, baptised 10 December, 1622 ; and a daughter, Anne. 

His second wife was daughter of Thomas Fauntleroy of 

Crondall, in the county of Hants, esq., by whom he had a son 
Thomas, baptised 1 July, 1627 ; William, baptised 25 Feb- 
ruary, 162§ ; and Mary baptised 25 March, 163 J. 

IIL John Cole.i 

* He had this coat confirmed to him :— Arg., a bull passant, Sa., coUared and 
armed Or, within a bordiire of the second bezant^e {HeraldPa Q/f., Hants ^ (7 19, as 
quoted by Guillim, Berry, &c.) All his descendants are also entitled to quarter : — 
Or, a saltire Sa., a dexter canton Gu. for Deering. 

+ Descendants of this match may quarter : — Or, a cross Sa., between four eagles 
displayed of the second, for Michelbo7ii€, 

t He is presumed to have been the John C, who went to Ireland about 1614 ; and 
to have been grandfather to John, whose son William Cole, living at or near 
Mallow, CO. Cork, in 1730, was father of John C, of Cork, who by his wife, a 


IV. Solomon, of whom nothing more is ascertained than that in 
January, 1626, he was Groom of the Queen's Crossbows and 
Lime Hounds, at a yearly fee of d£^22 17s. 6d. 

V. George, baptised 23 September, 1599, died a Lieutenant at the 
siege of Burse, in Holland in 1629. 

I daughter. Mary , was second wife to John Ady of Dod- 

dington in Kent, esq., by whom she had two sons, Thomas 
and Solomon, and two daughters, Anne and Eose. She was 
buried in the church of Doddington with her husband, who 
died 20 February, 1660, aged 80.* 

II daughter. Winifred, married to John Wood of Ditton in 

Thomas Cole, M.P., eldest son and heir to Thomas (see above) 
"married,"|- December, 1651, at St. Andrew's, Holbom, London, Eliza- 
beth, second daughter and co-heiress to Sir Stephen Hervey, J of Col- 
chester Ehd in the parish of Hardingstone, in the county of North- 
ampton, Knight of the Bath." In 1663,§ Mr. Cole was sheriff of Hants; 
in December of that year he asked for and obtained leave (23 Dec.) 
to be absent out of the said county during the term of his shrievalty, 
and had permission to reside on his estates {jure icocoris) in North- 

daughter of Atkins (of the family of Atkins of Firville) had, inter alios (A.) 

John Cole of Oldwood, co. Cork, bom 1750, died 1826, leaving issue by his wife 
(Margaret, daughter of Samuel Allin of Youghal) three daughters and five sons ; 
the only survivor of the latter is Thomas Christopher Cole, of Woodview, Inni- 
shannon, J. P. for co. Cork, who married, 1830, Harriet- Jane, only daughter of 
Charles Brodicke Garde of Ballindiniss, and has issue, two daughters and three 
sons, 1, John Harding Cole, A.B., in holy orders; 2, Charles Christopher C, Lieut. 
15th Regiment of Foot; 3, Thomas Christopher C, of Trinity CoU. Dublin, A.B. 
(B.) Christopher Cole, who was high-sheriff of co. Cork in 1803, and for his exer- 
tions in putting down the rebellion of that time was presented with some handsome 
testimonials. (C.) Thomas Cole, A.M., sometime of St. Anne's Church, Shandon, 
Cork, of whom an account appears in Maziere Brady's Records of Cork, etc. 

* Hasted's Kenty vol I., p. 463. 

+ J. Peller Malcolm's Lwidinium Redivivumy 4to, Lend., 1802, vol. II., p. 218. 
X Arms of Hervey: — Gu., on a bend Arg. three trefoils, slipped Vert; on a 
canton Or, a leopard's head of the first. 

§ Calendar of State Papers (Domestic Series). 


amptonshire. In 8th Charles II. * (1668-9) he was M.P. for the 
county of Southampton. His wife was buried at Lyss on 5 November, 
1659, and he on 4 March 168? ; their children were, Judith, bap- 
tised 19 June, 1666; and Charles Cole, a J.P. from about 1690 
till his decease in 171J. He seems to have been a courtier, and 
was author of a poem of some 200 lines of adulation of King 
William, which is entitled " Triumphant Augustus : A congratu- 
late Poem on his Majesty's Safe Eeturn."-)- By Elizabeth his wife, 
"who died 9 June, anno domini 1729, aet 67,"+ he had three sons and 
three daughters, who died young ,§ and a son, Charles Cole, bom 168f, 
who succeeded to the family estates, and married in 1726, Mary, 
fifth daughter of Edward Eadcliffe of Hitchin (only son of Sir 
Ealph EadclifiFe, of the same place, by Penelope, daughter of Arthur 
Shirley, of Isfield, in Sussex, esq[.) || but by her, who survived him, 
he left no issua After her decease the estates of Lyss, &c., passed 
to Judith and Arabella Aubrey, spinsters, who, 5 George III. (1765), 
obtained an act of Parliament " to enable them to take, bear, and 
use the Surname and Arms of Cole, pursuant to the Will of Charles 
Cole, esq., deceased."^' 

? Browne-Willis* Notitia Parliamentarian vol. III., p. 277. 

+ 4to, Lond., 1695. 

X Inscription on black marble slab on Floor of Chancel at Lyss. 

§ Monumental Inscription, see below, No. 1 ; and Registers. 

|] Berry's County Families, Herts., p. 111. 

IT Journals of the House of Lords, vol 31, p. 40, etc. 

The Rev. Fred. Harvey-Freeth, M.A., Incumbent of Lyss, has most obligingly 
furnished extracts from the parish registers, and copies of inscriptions on the 
monuments in that church. Many of them have been made use of above, and 
the others are here presented for the information of the reader. 

"Married 9 Feb. I62|, Mr. Francis Ehnor, and Mrs. Em. Cole. 

Name. Baptised. 

Thomas Cole, son 29 September, 1601. 

WnUamCole, „ 27 April, 1604. 

Thomas Cole, „ 20 October, 1606. 

Mabell Cole, daughter 16 June, 1609, buried 11 July, 1610. 


14 Nathaniel Cole,* (fifth son of William Cole and Elizabethj 
daughter of Nathaniel Deards, as already shown on p. 27) settled 
at Wigtoft, in the county of Lincoln, subsequent to 1665 : he left 
issue three sons, viz, : — 


Name. Baptised. 

Margery Cole, daughter 31 July, 1628. 

Francis Cole, sou 1 November, 1629. 

Jane Cole, daughter 5 December, 1630. 

Henry Cole, son 8 January, 1634. 

Richard Cole, son 21 July, 1633. 

( "Mrs. Eliz. Cole, 
Elizabeth Cole, daughter 26 April, 1635. < a virgin, buried 2 

( Dec. 1709." 

Anne Cole, daughter 27 February, 163f . 

Nathaniel Cole, son 2 April, 1638. 

Edward Cole, son 1 November, 1639. 

I Mr. Emanuel Cole 
16 May, 1693. 


Mr. Thomas Cole, son 24 October, 1685, bur. 26 Oct. 1685. 

J Eli2»beth, daughter, born 8.30 a.m. ) 5 July, 1687. ( buried July, 1717. 

( John, son. bom 10. — a.m. ( baptised same day. < buried 8 Sept., 1687, 

( in woollen. 

Mr. Charles Cole, son 19 March, 168f, bur. 31 July, 1752. 

Mr. Nathaniel Cole, son 2 December, 1690, bur. 11 Feb. 170|. 

Mrs. Anne, daughter bom Dec. 6'^ bap. y« 9"*, 1697, bur. 26 April, 1698. 

Mrs. Dorothea, daughter bom 7 Sept., bap. 3 Oct., 1700, bur. 14 April, 1725. 


Anne, daughter 8 Febmary, 17i^. 

Richard, son 25 November, 1721. 

Elizabeth, daughter 11 September, 1723. 

* In addition to the paternal coat armour of Cole, he was entitled to the quarter- 
ings brought in by fiodrugan (see p. 5 note) and Archdeacon (p. 25 note). 



I. Nathaniel Cole, of Wigtoft, in the county of Lincoln, who, by 
Will dated 9 January 1677, and proved in the Consistory Court 
of Lincoln, in 1679, desired that his body should be buried at 
Wigtoft ; and died seised of messuages and lands in Donington, 
which he bequeathed to his eldest son, Nathaniel Cole ; also of 


1599. Mrs. Winifred Bearing, 14 April. 

1656. John Cole, Gent., 11 Aug. 

167i. Mrs. Mary Cole, of the Town of 

Petersfield (Widdow) 20 Jan. 
1725. John Ratcliff, April 30 (sic). 

1727. Wm. Ratcliff (sic) 7 July. 

1752. Charles CJole, Esq., 31 July (d. 26). 

1764. Mrs. Mary Cole (Widow of Charles 

Cole, Esq.) 6 Feb. (d. 25 Jan.) 
1777. Mrs. Arabella Cole, 14 Nov. 

On apiUar in the nave, on a sqnare tablet. 


At the foot of this pillar 
lies inter'd the body of 
NathaU Cole, son of Charles 

Cole, Esq., who departed 
this life y« 11th of February, 

1705, aged 15 years. 

Also near this place lies {sic) 

Intered the bodyes of 

Thomas Cole, John Cole, 

And Anne Cole, children of 

y® said Charles Cole, Esq. 

who all dyed 



On the floor of the Chancel, 

At the foot of this marble 

lies y* body of Charles Cole, 

Esq., who departed this life 

the 5th of March, VJi^ in the 

50th year of his age. 

And at his feet lies also 
interred Elizabeth, his eldest 

daughter, who departed 

this life the 6th of July 1717, 

in the 30th year of her age. 


Also on tlie floor of the East end of 
the Chancel, 

At the foot of this marble 

lyes the Body of 

Mrs. Dorothea Cole, 

who dyed y« 12th of April, 1725, 

aged 24 years and six months. 

Shee was the youngest daughter 

of Charles Cole, Esq. 

Shee left to Charitable uses 

nearly 400 pounds, 

for y* prenticing out of 

poor children, 

and other charitys 

for the Parish of Lis, 

And neighbouring Parishes. 

On the North Wall of the Nave is a large Monument, having thei^eon a winged skuU^ 
the usual emblem of a deceased being the last representative of his family : 

4. To the memory of Charles Cole, Esq., 

only son of Charles Cole, Esq., of Liss ; 

where this ancient family have long flourished 

with great reputation, 



messuages and lands in Wigtoft and Swineshead; and of lands in 
Spanbye, in the county of Lincoln, which he devised to his younger 

which he continued to maintain 


adhering steadUy to the laws and religion of his country ; 

Perfomung the worthy office of a Peacemaker, 

Upon all occasions among his friends and neighbours ; 

Being truly charitable to the industrious poor, 

And, at his death 

Bestowing several useful benefactions on this parish. 

He married Mary, 

The youngest daughter of Edward Radcliffe of Hitchin, 

In the county of Hertford, Esq., 

By whom having no issue, 

He gave the reversion of his estate. 

After her decease. 

To his nearest relation, 

Herbert Aubrey of Clehonger, in the County of Hereford, Esq., 

And to his family. 

He died July 26, 1752, aged 63, 

And lies interred at the foot of this monument. 

An Oval Monument on the North WaU 
of Nave, 

5. Near this place 

Is deposited 

aU that was mortal 

of Mrs. Arabella Cole, 

fourth daughter of Herbert Aubrey, 

of Clehonger, Esq. 

Her manner, in which mildness 

was mixed with dignity. 

Her sincere and disinterested friendships. 

Her universal charity of opinion 

as well as practice. 

Her unaffected Piety, 

Her steadfast faith in the merits 

of her Kedeemer, 

(which appear*d not only in her last illness 

but through her whole life), 

leave to her surviving friends the comfort 

of a well-grounded confidence. 

That she exchanged this life 

for a better 

Nov. 7th 1777, 

In the 53rd year of her 


The following is on the large bell, 
in Lyss Church: — "Charles Cole, Esq., 
gave by Will, £100 towards re-casting 
the three old beUs and making a peal 
of five bells ; and likewise timber for a 
new frame, 1753." 

Portions of the Communion Plate 
appear from their inscriptions to have 
been the gifts of the family. 

There is also on the chancel floor a 
memorial slab to Mrs. Penelope Kad- 
cliffe, sister to Mrs. Mary Cole, with 
whom she usually resided. She died 
2 May, 1758, in the 66th year of her 


son, Eobert Cole. All his personal estate was left to his two 
daughters, Anne and Mary, who were, at his decease, under age. 

His wife was , daughter of Hancocke, and sister of 

Eobert Hancocke. 

II. Thomas Cole, who was one of the executors of the Will of his 
brother Nathaniel. 

15 III. John Cole, who by Mary, his wife, had issue, John Cole of 16 
Wigtoft,* baptised 20 February, 1677, died 2 August, and buried 
at Wigtoft, on 4 August, 1735; married 21 February, 1707, 
Joanna (who died 9 May, 1738), daughter of James Willson of 
Wigtoft, by Mary, his wife, daughter of William Jackson, of Wig- 
toft (who was born at Frampton in 1661) by , his wife, 

daughter of Eainor of Spalding. John and Joanna left 

issue : 

I. John Cole of Wigtoft, baptised 10 April 1712, who was of 
Quadring Eaudyke in 1759-61, and was buried at Wigtoft, on 

18 June, 1780. His first wife was Alice, daughter of 

Crosby of Gosberton, in the county of Lincoln, and by her, who 
died 7 February, 1745, had issue, 1, William, bom 29 Septem- 
ber, baptised 4 November, 1737, and was buried at Wigtoft, 30 
. November, 1737 ; 2, John Cole, born 28 December, 1738, 
baptised 13 January following, and died 21 March 1765, he 
resided with his half-brother James at Holbeach Marsh ; 3, 
Elizabeth, bom August 1740, buried 7 September, 1741 ; 4, 
Samuel Cole, of Sutton St. Edmund's, bom 4 October, bap- 
tised 28 October, 1741, married 30 March 1776, Mary Wilson, 
of Sutton St. Edmund's, widow, he died intestate, and was 
buried at Holbeach, 17 July 1788, (having had issue, la, Samuel 
Cole of Sutton, bom before wedlock in 1775, who died about 
April, 1834-5, and who is said to have been ** a man of great 
stature, and as black as a coal," he married Anne, daughter of 
¦ Spendelow, but had no issue; 2a, Sarah, born 1777, 

* He was seised of a freehold estate at Burtoft, which he entailed by his wiU on 

his eldest son John, who, it is believed, disposed of it to Oust, ancestor to 

the Earl Brownlow. 


and died unmarried ; 3 a, James Cole, bom 1779, died in 
January, 1840, a bachelor and intestate, seised of a freehold 
estate at Pinchbeck, in Lincolnshire, which descended to 
his co-heiresses Mary Yeats and Elizabeth Hart; 4a, John, 
born 1784, died unmarried at Long Sutton, about 1803, 
aged 18 or 19 ; 5 a, Elizabeth, baptised 1 April 1786, 
died a spinster at Gedney, about 1837) ; 5, Anne, born 

10 January, 1742, died 11 February, 1745; 6, 

born 29 February, 1743, died in infancy; 7, Mary, born 12 
September, 1745, died 15 May, 1763; he married, secondly, 

Mary, daughter of Atkinson, and by her, who died 30 

November, 1770, aged 42, had issue, 8 (1) James Cole of 
Holbeach Marsh, ccelebs, born 28 September, and baptised 2 
November, 1750, buried at Wigtoft, 4 August, 1808; 9(2) 
William, born 8 March, and baptised 15 May, 1759, who died 
4 and was buried 7 June 1765. 

IL Samuel Cole (son of John and Joanna) baptised 25 Novem- 
ber, 1714, died October, 1722. 

IIL Mary (daughter of John and Joanna) born ^ 

married to Samuel Dawson, by whom she had John D., mar- 
ried to Eleanor , and had issue. 

17 IV. James Cole, of Burtoft (of whom below). 

V. Samuel (another) son of John and Joanna, baptised 9 April, 
1724, died May, 1738. 

VI. Thomas (son of John and Joanna) of Wigtoft, baptised 24 
June, 1726, and living in 1747. 

17 James Cole, of Burtoft, in Wigtoft (fourth child of John and 
Joanna) bom 17 December, 1716, baptised 3 January following, 
married in 1744, Mary, youngest daughter of Edward HilL 
She died 22 May, 1780, at the age of 62 years ; and he died sud- 
denly whilst on his way to church on Easter Sunday, the 4th of 
April, 1790, aged 74 years ; he was of middle stature, but a very 
handsome man, and his wife is also said to have been a beautiful 
woman. Their children were, Sarah, who died in infancy and 
was buried at Wigtoft ; and 

I. Mary, baptised 5 April, 1745, died 30 June 1780, aged 35, mar- 
ried to Thomas Weeks, of Wigtoft and Sutterton, who died 26 
September, 1806, aged 59, leaving issue : William Weeks of 
Pelham*s Lands (who died at Louth in 1849, and married, first. 


Elizabeth, daughter of William Walker of Marehara, gent., and 
had surviving issue, Mary, married to S. S. Shipley, by whom 
she has two daughters and one son ; he married, secondly, 
Martha, daughter of W. Dunn, and widow of Eichard Wrangham, 
who died 1861) ; and Sarah, wife to Eobert Cartwright of Laceby 
in the county of Lincoln (who died in 1861, very aged) by whom 
she had a large family. ^ 
11. Alice, bom about 1752, died January, 1836, aged 84, married 
to John Dowse of Burtoft, who came from Metheringham, in Lin- 
colnshire, and left issue, John Dowse of Whaplode; James Dowse 

of London, who married Martha, daughter of Pindar of 

Boston; Eichard Dowse of Burtoft, who died 1859, married 
Martha, daughter of John Codling, and had Eichard D., 
now of Burtoft, and three daughters ; William D., of Wig- 
toft, who married his cousin Elizabeth Cole ; Alice D., married 
to John Molesworth, and had issue ; Mary D;, married to George 
Nutt, and had issue ; and Eebecca D., married to John Codling, 
and left an only child John Codling of Whaplode, who married 
Mary-Ellen, only daughter of Samuel Smeeton of Deyncourt- 
hall in Kirton, in the county of Lincoln, and has issue, 
IIL James Cole, born 22 January, 1754?, died 16 January, 1802, 

married 30 September, 1791, Mary, daughter of Leake of 

Wigtoft (a descendant of the ancient and illustrious family 
of Leake, of Leake, in the county of Lincoln), who died 19 July 
1798, aged 36. They had issue, five children who died in in- 
fancy, and three who survived, viz. : — 

1. Mary, born 1 February, 1792, married, first, on 3 August, 1813, 
to Eobert Thorpe of Fosdyke, and had issue, two sons, of whom 
the younger Eobert Thorpe, died in 1841, aged 20, and the 
elder James Cole-Thorpe, of Otby-house in Walesby, in 
the county of Lincoln, born 28 August, 1817, married at 
Charlinch, in Somersetshire, on 20 February, 1856, Anne, 
daughter of Benjamin Hobbs, of Blackmore, in the county 
of Somerset, by whom he has, 1, James Cole -Thorpe, 
born 25 November, 1857 ; 2, Elizabeth-Mary T., born 10 
July, 1859 ; 3, Eobert Henry T., born 20 November, 1860 ; 
Eosa Cole-Thorpe, born 8 April, 1862. Mary Cole (i. e. 
Widow Thorp) married, secondly, Joseph Yeats of Boston, but 
had no issue by him, and died 25 February, 1858. 


2. James Cole of Sutterton, born 9 November, 1794, died 1 May, 
1818, buried at Wigtoft, and married Maria, daughter of John 
Casswell, of Wigtoft, but had no issue. She remarried first, 
Edward Teesdale, and secondly Eichard Willerton, and had one 
son by each of them, and died 8 January, 1846. 

3. Elizabeth Cole, bom 19 January, 1797, died suddenly at 
Boston in 1862, married, first, to John Casswell, of Wigtoft, the 
younger, by whom she had no issue ; and secondly to Valentine 
Hart of Wigtoft, by whom she had three daughters, viz ,' 1, 
Elizabeth, married to Charles Ward, and had issue ; 2, Mary 

Anne Hart, married to ; and 3, Jane Hart, 

married to . 

18 IV. John Cole of Easthorpe-court,* in Wigtoft, bom 3 April, 1758, 
died 6 March 1817, married 11 Febmary, 1790, Mary, daughter 
of William and Elizabeth Atkin of Wyberton, in the county of 
Lincoln, and by her, who was born 28 May, baptised 30 June, 
1765, and died 19 March, 1849, he left issue, 

I. Elizabeth, bom 1790, died 23 April 1836, married 11 May, 
1813, to her cousin, William Dowse of Wigtoft, by whom 

she left issue, 1, WUliam Cole-Dowse, married to , 

daughter of Henry Huskisson, but has no issue ; 2, Eichard 

John Dowse, married Ehoda, daughter of Gaunt, and 

widow of Harrison, but has no issue ; 1st daughter, 

Mary Cole-Dowse, married first to James Bell, of Swines- 

head, by whom she had issue, and secondly to Harrison ; 

2nd daughter, Elizabeth Dowse, married to Samuel Gamer, 
and has one son. 

II. Mary Cole, bom 8 August, 1791, died June 1 843, buried under 
the South wall of the chancel at Wigtoft, manied 26 August, 
1813, to William Beasley of Surfleet, in the county of Lincoln, 

* Eastborpe has been variously spelt, Estborpe, Eastbrope, and Eastbope. The 
latter is the ortbograpby adopted in the Index VUlaris (fo. London, 1690 ; wbere it 
is stated to lie in Lat. 52^.58, Long. 0^.01 W., and to be tbe only gentleman's seat 
in Wigtoft, in tbe bnndred of Kirton, in tbe county of Lincoln. It bad, for at least 
two centuries belonged to tbe Howson family, and passed witb tbeir heiress to the 
Loctons of Kirton, who sold it about 1640 to the Yorkes of Leasingbam, in the county 
of Lincoln. It was purchased in 1784 by Mr. James Cole of Burtoft, tbe father of 
this John Cole. 


who died at Milton-by-Gravesend (where he lies buried), on 
21 July 1861, aged 74. They had issue seven sons and four 
daughters ; of whom survived a daughter, Louisa Sophia, 
married to Charles Eobinson of Milton-by-Gravesend, in 
Kent (by whom she has one son and five daughters) ; and 
three sons, viz., 1, William Cole-Beasley, of Lincoln College, 
Oxford, M.A., and of the Inner Temple, barrister-at-Law, 
born 25 June 1816, married in 1842, Emma, daughter of 
Edmund Tumor, M.P. for Truro, and has no issue; 2, John 
Beasley, of St. John's College, Cambridge, B.A., captain in 
the Eoyal South Lincoln regiment of militia, born 1826, 
died unmarried, at Cork, 22 December, 1856 ; 3, Joseph 
Noble-Beasley, captain in Her Majesty's 87th, or Eoyal 
Irish Fusilier regiment, born 1832. 
19 III. John Cole of Easthorpe-court, born 13 December, 1793, 
died 12 April, and was buried at Wigtoft 16 April, 1855. He 
married at Waltham Abbey church, in Essex, 24 March, 
1827, Susannah, fourth daughter of Captain John Bourchier,* 
RN., Lieut-Governor of Greenwich Hospital, by Charlotte,+ 

* He was son of the Rev. Edw. Bourchier, M.A., rector of Bramfield, and vicar 
of AU Saints* and St. John*s, Hertford, who was brother to the Hon. Richard 
Bourchier, Governor of Bombay, and younger son of Charles Bourchier, M.P. for 
Armagh, who died in 1716, by his wife Barbara, daughter of Richard Harrison, of 
Balls, in the county of Herts, and the Hon. Audrey, eldest daughter of George Vil- 
liers, Viscount Grandison, by the Lady Mary, eldest daughter and co-heiress of Sir 
Francis Leigh, Earl of Chichester, by his second wife, Audrey, eldest daughter and 
co-heiress of Sir John Boteler, Baron Butler of Bramfield, who married Elizabeth, 
daughter of Sir George VUliers of Brokesby, and sister to George, Duke of 
Buckingham. Captain B. was, through the above, descended from Sir John 
St. John, of Lydiard Tregoze; from Lord Chancellor Egerton ; Sir Thomas Leigh, 
Lord Mayor of London ; from the families of Harington of Exton; Sydney of Pens- 
hurst; Colepeper, and Bruse, of Exton; CromweU; Bemake, and Tatteshall; Fleet 
of Fleet, in Lincolnshire; from the Lords Multon of Egremont; Sir William Roche of 
Lamer, lord-mayor of London, temp. Henry VIIL; Tyrrel of Gipping; Marmyon, 
the Lord of Tamworth ; and KUpec of Herefordshire, &c. 

+ She was great grand-daughter of William C, Secretary to the Admiralty 
(who changed the spelling of his name to Corhett) the grandson of Robert, the second 
son of Sir Vincent Corbet of Moreton-Corbet, who was grandson to Sir Roger C, 
son and heir of Sir Robert C, by his wife Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Henry Vernon 
of Haddon, Knight of the Bath ; and her unbroken lineal descent can be traced 
from Chablemaone, viz; — through Vernon; Talbot, Earl of Shrewsbury; Butler, 
Earl of Ormonde, &c., by his wife Aliamore, daughter of Humphrey de Bohun, 


his second wife, daughter of Thomas Corbett of Darnhall- 
hall, Cheshii'e, of Elsham-hall, Lincolnshire, and of Lincoln's 
Inn, barrister-at-law, by Elizabeth his wife, sole heiress and 
child of Humphrey Edwin of St. Alban*s, (son of Sir Hum- 
phrey Edwyn, knt., lord mayor of London, 1698) by Mary, 
only child of William Thompson of Elsham, and had issue, 

1. Caroline Cole, bom 7 May, 1828, and died 21 November, 

2. Anne Cole, bom 17 January, 1 829, died 24 August, 1831. 

3. Emma Cole, born 28 March, 1830, died 26 July, 1830. 

4. John Bourchier Cole, born 4 March, 1831, died 31 March, 

20 5. John Chakles Cole, now of Easthorpe, born 4 August, 

• Earl of Hereford and Essex, and of the Princess Elizabeth, the daughter of King 
Edward I.; Kings Henry III., John, and Henry IL; GreofiBrey Plantagenet, Count 
of Anjou, and Matilda, daughter of King Henry I.; William the Conqueror and 
Maud, daughter of Baldwin V., Earl of Flanders ; Baldwin IV.; Arunlph II., and a 
daughter of Berengarius, King of Italy ; Baldwin III.; Amulph I., Earl of Flanders 
and Artois; Baldwin IL and Elfrida, daughter of Alfred the Great, King of 
England ; Baldwin L and Judith, daughter of the Emperor Charles the Bald by 
the daughter of Boso, King of Burgundy ; the Emperor Lewis the Pious, or Le 
Debonnair^ the son of Charlemagne by Hildegard, daughter of Childebrand, Duke 
of Swabia. Again, from Edward I. and Eleanor, the daughter of Ferdinand, King 
of Castile, Leon, &c., by the marriage of Sir Eichard Corbet (father of the last 
above-mentioned Sir Robert C.) with Elizabeth, daughter of Walter Devereux, Lord 
Ferrers of Chartley, by his wife Anne, daughter and heiress of William, sixth Lord 
Ferrers of Chartley, the son of Edmond, fifth Lord (by Helen, daughter and 
co-heiress of Thomas de la Boche), son of Eobert, fourth Lord, by Margaret, 
daughter of Edward, Baron Despenser (and Elizabeth, daughter and heiress to Sir 
Bartholomew, Lord Burghersh), son of Edward D. (and Anne, daughter of Henry, 
Lord Ferrers of Groby), second son of Hugh le Despenser, ^Hhe younger,^* Chamber- 
lain to Edward EC., by Alianore, eldest daughter and co-heiress of Gilbert de Clare, 
Earl of Gloucester and Hereford, and of the Princess " Joane d' Acres," daughter of 
King Edward I. Through the Despensers she also derived from Beauchamp, Earl 
of Warwick, Basset of Wycombe, &c. ; through de Clare from de- Lacy, Earl of 
Lincoln; Hugh Cyveliok, Earl of Chester; Isabel, daughter and co-heiress to 
William MarshaU, Earl of Pembroke, &c. ; Bichard Strongbow, Earl of Pembroke, 
&c. ; Giffard, Earl of Buckingham. Through Talbot and de Bohun from the Lord 
Fienes; Fitz-Piers (a/i(W de Maundeville) Earl of Essex; Henry, Prince of Scotland, 
Earl of Huntingdon ; the Earls of Warren and Surrey ; the Kings of Scotland, and 
many other illustrious royal and noble houses. Through the marriage of Sir Eoger 
Corbet with Margaret, daughter and heiress of the Lord Erdington, she derived 
from the Baron Somerie of Dudley, and from William de Albini, 3rd Earl of 


1832,* married 15 April 1857, Harriet, third surviving 
daughter of the late Charles Green of Alconbury Manor, 
in the county of Huntingdon, by Mary his wife, daughter 
of Eichard Ashton, of Huntingdon. 
6. Matilda Cole, born 25 February, 1834, died 5 June 1834. 
20 7. James Edwin-Cole, of the Inner Temple,* barrister-at-law, 
born 27 April, 1835. 

8. Victoria Cole, born 8 October, 1837, died 5 March, 1840. 

9. Henry Cole, bom 18 October, 1838, died same day. 

10. Mary Anne Cole, born 3 August, 1840, married 12 Octo- 
ber, 1859, at St. John*s Church, Lewisham Eoad, New 
Cross, Kent, to Hugh Williams, of Porthlongdu, in Angle- 
sey, second son of the late Henry Williams of Tre' larddur, 
and Tre 'r Castell, in the county of Anglesey. 

11. Bourchier Cole, born 9 January, 184*5, died 28 January, 

12 Emanuel Cole (third son of Thomas Cole of London, who died 
1571, by his wife, Elizabeth Hargrave, as already shown at p. 29), 
married Margaret, daughter of Hugh Ingram,-}- citizen and merchant 
of London, and aunt to Sir William Ingram, LLD., and also to Sir 
Arthur Ingram, knt, of Temple-Newsom, M.P. for York, and by 

13 her had Sir William, his heir, and a daughter Margaret, who married, 
first, William, son and heir to Thomgis Ashenden,J of the county 
of Kent, gent., by whom she had one son and four daughters, viz., 

William, aged 22 in 1629 ; Anne, married to Leeds ; Cicely ; 

Mary ; and Frances, married to Daniel Foster of Dublin, son of 

Foster, esq., of Lincolnshire, and secondly to Thomas Clarke 

of Clapham,J Surrey (great-grandson to Hugh§ Clarke of Welbourne, 
inthe county of Lincoln, esq., one of the Benchers of Lin coln*s Inn, who 
who died 9 May, 20 Henry VIII.) by whom she had Charles Clarke, 
"only son and child living, aged 14 years in 1633."§ 

?Arms and crest : — ^Those confirmed to William Cole of London (see p. 27) and the 
various quarterings to which he was entitled. — See Bodrugan, Archdeacon, &c. 

t Burke's Extinct Peerage (1866) Title "Ingram, Lord Irvine." 

X This family was for some generations possessed of the Manor of East Asherin- 
den or Ashenden in Tenterden.— Hasted's Kent, vol. III., p. 97. 

§ Harl MS, 756, p. 601. 


13 Sir William Cole, only son of Emanuel, early in the reign 
of James I. fixed his residence in the county of Fermanagh: 10 
September, 1607, he was made Captain of the long boats and 
barges at Ballyshannon and Lough Earne by patent, pursuant to 
privy signet 15 May preceding, with the fee of 3s. 4d. a day 
for himself, and 8d. a piece for 10 men. And becoming an 
undertaker in the N'orthem Plantation, he had an assignment 
16 November, 1611, of the small proportion of Dromskeagh, con- 
taining 1000 acres of the escheated lands in the county of Fermanagh, 
at the crown rent of £S, English ; to which 28 May, 1612, were 
added 320 escheated acres in the said county, at the rent of 20s., 
Irish ; 80 acres whereof were assigned for the town of Enniskillen, 
and for the burgesses close and common for the said town, with an 
exception of the castle, and the other two-third parts of the island 
of Enniskillen, together with covenants for planting, building and 
inhabiting the said town, according to a plan set down by the Lord 
Deputy for Sir Ealph Bingley and Captain Basil Brooke, with a 
grant of a market and a fair, the clerkship of the market, and keep- 
ing of a toll booth within the said town, and a prohibition that none 
should sell by retail within three miles of the town, but such as 
Captain Cole should plant there or be resident ; for performance of 
which covenants he entered into bonds with the Crown, and, having 
fulfilled his engagements, the town of Enniskillen was incorporated 
by a charter, consisting of a provost, and twelve burgesses, he 
himself being the first provost.* In 1614 he was Provost Marshal 

? By patent, dated 21 September, 1623, pursuant to Privy Seals, dated at West- 
minster, 29 October, 1620, and 18 July 1622, and by the consent of Sir Thomas 
Button, one of the gentlemen of the Kling's Privy chamber, he received, a grant to 
him, his heirs and assigns, of the aforesaid excepted castle, fort and bawne of Ennis- 
killen, and two third parts of the Island of Enniskillen, together with two small 
islands called Enniskillen Islands, aU lying within Lough Earne, at the yearly 
rent of 58. (Irish). And in virtue of the Commission, dated 13 August, 1628, for 
granting anew of all lately escheated lands in the province of Ulster, also in 
recompense of his good services, and for the fine of £32 12^. (English), King Charles, 
6 May, 1629, confirmed to him and his heirs the whole small proportion of Droms- 
keagh, with all the hereditaments thereof, containing 1,000 acres by survey, in the 
baronies of Magheriboy and Clenawly, in the coimty of Fermanagh, with free liberty 
of fishing in Lough Earne, and 120 acres of concealed lands in the former barony, 
to hold by fealty only, and the yearly rent of £10 ISa. 4d. (English) for Dromskeagh, 
and £1 6«. 8d for the other; the whole being created into the manor of Portdorie 


for Ballyshannon ;* in 1617 he was knighted by the Lord De- 
puty St. John, and 15 June, 1618, received the grant of a pension 
of 6s., English, by the day, on the surrender thereof by Captain 
Eoger Atkinson ; and 3 December following, he and his lady had a 
license to sell and retail wine, and to make and sell Aqua-vitae, in 

In the Parliament of 1639 he represented the county of Fermanagh, 
and being a person of great prudence and conduct, enjoyed a con- 
siderable share of esteem from his country in general, and the 
government in particular; to whom he gave the first notice of what 
passed in the county among the abettors of the rebellion of 1641 : 
**ror Bryan Macguire (whom he afterwards preserved from the rage 
of the rebels, who were incensed against him for not taking the oath 
of confederacy with them) about 10 October, understanding by 
Farrell oge Mac Award, a friar, that there was a general purpose 
and resolution among the popish inhabitants of Ireland, to take up 
arms within a fortnight ; and then to seize on all the strongholds, 
which they purposed to retain until they should procure liberty of 
conscience, and free exercise of the Komish religion ; he gave then the 
more credit to that report, in regard that he had observed the unusual 
and frequent meetings between the Lord Maguire, Sir Phelim Eoe 
O'Neil, Tirlagh oge Mac Hugh oge O'Hosie, and others of the chief of 
their country, and their followers; and imparted this discovery to Sir 
William Cole, who, the very next day (1 1 October) sent a letter to 
the Lords Justices by an express from Enniskillen, acquainting 
them with ' the unusual resort of people to Sir Phelim O'Neil's 
house ; the frequent private journeys of Lord Maguire thither, to 

[with power to create tenures] with an assignment of 400 acres for a demesne, 300 acres 
for a park, with free-warren and chase, and other privileges of courts, &c., subject 
to the conditions of plantation, on which he had built in the reign of Ring James I. 
a good stone castle, three stories high, strongly wrought within a bawne of lime 
and stone, 68 feet square, and 13 feet high, with 4 flankers, [ " of lyme and stone, 
30 feet high, and 10 feet wide."] And by virtue of the commission for remedy of 
defective titles, he had a further confirmation, 18 July, 1638, for the fine of £73 
183. 9d. (English) and the rent of £53 16«. %d. (English) of aU his estate in the county 
of Fermanagh, with the creation thereof into the manors of Cormegradie and Portdo- 
rie, a demesne of 400 acres in each, liberty to impark 600 acres more, and usual 
privileges. — (Lodge). 

• Moryson's TravaUes, to. ed. 1617, pp. 300301. 


Dublin, and other places, his many dispatches in great hurry to 
divers persons to meet at his seat, pretending to raise men for the 
king of Spain's service ; to nominate captains under him to do the 
like, and pitching upon such as were men of broken fortunes, and 
the likeliest to be concerned in any mischief that was intended, of 
which the suspicions were very strong, and gave uneasiness to men 
of honest inclinations/" 

Upon the receipt of this intelligence the Lords Justices and Council 
wrote to Sir William requesting him to be very diligent and in- 
dustrious to find out what should be the occasion of those meetings 
and specially to advertise them thereof, or of any other particular, 
that he conceived might tend to the public service of the State which 
was all that could reasonably have been done by the State in those 
circumstances. Sir William's observations being only conjectural. 
But, being on his guard, and making daily remarks on what occurred 
in his part of the country, he received a more particular informa- 
tion, by John Cormack and Flaherty Mac Hugh, from Brian Mac 
Cohonaught Maguire, of the intended insurrection and seizing 
of the castle of Dublin; the murdering the Lords Justices, 
and the protestants of Ireland ; and the seizing all the forts in 
the kingdom. With this news he dispatched on the 21st another 
express to the Lords Justices, which (whether the letters were 
intercepted, or otherwise miscarried) came not to their hands ; 
but the intelligence next day, late in the evening, was confirmed 
by Owen O'Conolly, servant to Sir John Clotworthy, who com- 
municated the conspiracy to the Lord Justice Parsons, out of 
a sense of his duty and loyalty to the king, and an effect of that 
(Protestant) religion he was trained up in. Of which his rela- 
tion Sir John Temple, Dr. Borlace, and other writers give account. 

On the breaking out of the rebellion. Sir William Cole, received 
a commission under the Privy Signet, dated by the King at Edin- 
burgh, 16 November, to be Colonel of 500 foot for suppressing the 
Eebels; upon which he soon raised most of the forces of Fermanagh; 
was Governor of the Garrison of Enniskillen, and by his prudent 
care preserved the country, in a great measure, from the desolation 
which threatened it. He did not confine his services to that part of 
the country only, but rendered himself remarkable to the parliament 


(who had undertaken to prosecute the war) by his success in other 
parts of the kingdom. And in January, 1643, when his regiment 
was in the utmost necessity for bread, and totally destitute of their 
pay, Sir William, in his great zeal for His Majesty's service, and 
preservation of the regiment, bought from Eobert Thornton, esquire, 
200 barrels of rye, at the rate of 30s. the barrel, for their mainte- 
nance ; but, notwithstanding his heavy private disbursements in this 
and other matters for the service of the State, he had long to await 
the repayment of his advances, as may be seen by referring to the 
Jwimals of the Houses of Lords and Commons, 

Although Sir William was at this time advanced in years, he 
nevertheless (as has been stated) materially aided in the suppres- 
sion of the rebellion ; yet the signal services that he then, and on 
other occasions, rendered to his sovereign and his fellow citizens 
did not secure him from many representations by and much detrac- 
tion from one less successful than himself, to whom he was the 
object of envy ; but the pamphlet,* which he published in refuta- 
tion of those spiteful attacks, shows that he was as well able to use 
his pen as his sword. It is quaintly remarked in Moryson's Hist, 
of Ireland (8vo, DubUn, 1735) that '^This Sir William Cole, is a 
Justice of the Peace and Quorum in the county of Fermanagh, and 
hath been thrice Sheriff of his county."-}- He married, first, Susanna, 
daughter and heiress to John Croft, of the county of Lancaster, esq., 
and relict of Stephen Segar, esq.. Lieutenant of the Castle of Dublin, 
and had issue : Mary, married to the Eeverend Master John Bar- 
clay (or Berkeley) ; and Margaret, married to Sir James Montgomery,! 

* ^^The, ATiswerand Vindication of Sir William Cole, Knight and Colonel, presented 
to the Committee of both Kingdoms unto a charge given in by Sir F. Hamilton, Knt., 
to the said Committee against the said Sir William Cole, with the charge or infor- 
mation prefixed, 4to, London, March 31st, 1645. '* 

+ Sir William, for his services in Ireland, had a grant to his paternal coat 
armour of this augmentation: — "In dexter canton, per pale Gu. and Az., a harp of 
Ireland, Or, stringed Arg." ; and to the crest, — " a shield Or, in the sinister paw." 

The issue of his first wife Sus. Croft, quarter her arms: — Lozengy (of 8) Arg. and 
Sa., for Croft; and Vert., a chevron between three crosses crosslet. Or. 

JThis worthy had the epithet of "The Courteous Knight" from the British, and 
the same from the Irish, with the addition of *^ Noble.** Dame Margaret, who was 


second son to Sir Hugh Montgomery, first Viscount Montgomery. He 
married, secondly, Catherine, eldest daughter of Sir Lawrence 
Parsons, of Birr, in King's County, second Baron of the Exchequer 
(ancestor of the Earl of Eosse) and dying in October, 1653, was 
buried in St. Michan's Church, and left two sons, viz: — 

14 L Michael, his heir, ancestor of the Earls of Enniskillen, and 

IL Sir John Cole, bart., father of Sir Arthur, created Lord Kane- 
lagh ; which Sir John was seated at Newland, in the county 
of Dublin. " During the rebellion he was very active under his 
father, particularly in the relief of Enniskillen ; which having 
been besieged nine weeks by 1,500 men under Philip Mac Hugh 
O'Eeily, they were surprised in a sally by Walter Johnson, an 
officer under Sir William, who, being seconded by Sir John with 
his foot company and some volunteers, the siege was raised, 
and Sir John had the pursuit of the eneiny for seven miles, 
as far as Maguire's bridge.'* 

After the reduction of the kingdom by the parliament, he was 
appointed with others, 21 November, 1653, commissioners for the 
precinct of Belturbet, to consider how the titles of the Irish and 
others to an estate in Ireland, and also their delinquency accord- 
ing to their respective qualifications might be put into the most 
speedy and exact way of adjudication, so as might be with justice, 
and least prejudice to the public interest. On 27 September, 
following, he had the pay of ^18 4s. by the month, allowed him 
as Governor of Enniskillen, and being very instrumental in pro- 
moting the restoration of king Charles IL, his majesty, by privy 
seal, dated at Whitehall, 4 August, and by patent dated 23 
January, 1660, created him a Baronet, in consideration of his 
very many good services performed to his majesty; and in 
December following, ordered him a commission to be Colonel of 
a regiment of foot, being well versed in military affairs, to which 
he was appointed 22 March following ; having on the 19th been 
constituted one of the commissioners for the settlement of the 

his second wife, died 1639, having had an only daughter bom at Rosemonnt, and 
died in infancy. Lodge gives a long account of Sir James, whose grandson Hugh, 
Third Viscount Montgomery, was, in 1661, created Earl of Mount Alexander. 


kingdom, under the acts for which purpose he had a grant of 
lands.* He was M.P. for the county of Fermanagh, and 2 April 
1661, was appointed Custos Eotulorum of the same, and 26 Octo- 
ber, 1675, was one of the commissioners entmsted for the (1649) 

He married Elizabeth, daughter of John Chichester of Dun- 
gannon, esq., second brother to Arthur, created Earl of Donegall, 
and dying in or about the year 1691"f- had issue, four sons and 
seven daughters, viz.: — 1, Sir Arthur, the second baronet, created 
Lord Eanelagh ; 2, Michael, of Derry-castle, and Castle Lough, 
in the county of Tipperary, who, in September 1701, married 
Catherine, daughter of John Cusack, of Kilkisheen, in the county 
of Clare, esq., (who died 20 November, 1717) and by her, who 
died in 1718, had an only son, John, born 1703, who died a 
bachelor, in March 1724, and he himself, departed this life in 
1726 ; 3, Colonel Eichard Cole, of Archer's Grove, in the county 

* On 2 April, 1658 (being then denominated of Newland) he purchased from 

Penelope, widow of Colonel Robert Baily, and Dr. William Baily (Henry Baily 

being dead) for the sum of £400, the lands of Moyntagh, containing 300 acres ; 

Clontemneyland, 60 acres ; Drumduffe, and others ; in aU 951 acres in the barony 

of Clenawly, which had been set out to the said Penelope towards satisfaction of 

her husband's arrears of £580 159. 9d., for service in England and Ireland, the 

same having been devised to her, Dr. William Baily, and Henry Baily, by her 

husband's will, dated 19 February, 1650, viz: — the lands of Moyntagh, 2 great 

tates, containing 300 acres of profitable land; Clontemneyland, half a tate, 60 acres; 

Drumduffe, Kiltewlean, and Garealy, cUiaa Garowlas, half a tate, 60 acres; in Gart- 

nasiUagh and MuUownyskeogagh, 13 acres; Fineland and Coulerady, 1 tate, 80 acres; 

in Drumshrule and Claghanagb, the third of a tate called Cloghanagh, 23 acres ; 

^th parts of the great tate of Taytynamona, 83 acres; Cargillananagh, half a tate, 

50 acres; Tullyhona, and Derrylaghta, 1 tate, 90 acres; Gortin, alias MoUoghgar- 

rowe, and Trian, 1 tate, 80 acres; Drumevne and Tirkeene, 1 tate, 110 acres; and 

in the great tate of Corderragh and Heggnehome, 12 acres. 

Also 1 December, 1677, he had a release of the new quit-rents, imposed on his 
estate by the acts of settlement, and the King being fully satisfied of his faithfulness 
in his service, directed a patent to be passed to him of several tenements and parcels 
of ground in and about the town of Navan, with sundry others in the co. of Meath, 
which had been taken by lease, dated 9 March, 1634 ; demised by King Charles I. 
to William Billingsley of Dublin, esq., for 31 years, which was then for some years 
expired, and granted to Sir John for a like term, at such rent as the Barons of the 
Exchequer should think fit to reserve to the King. — Lodge. 

t Lodge says 1693, but his Will was proved 3 October, 1691. 


of Kilkenny, baptised 8 December, 1671, was M.P. for Ennis- 
killen, and in 1698, married, first, Penelope, eldest daughter, at 
length heiress to Sir William Evans, of Kilcreene, near Kilkenny, 
bart., and secondly, Mary, daughter of Maurice Keating, but died 
s. p.y in January 1729, and she re-married in 1730, with Toby 
Purcell, esq., who resided at Archer's Grove ; 4, Edward, bap- 
tised 29 May, 1764?, and was buried in the chancel of St. Michan's 
Church, 9 January following; 1st daughter, Catherine, was mar- 
ried to Thomas Brooke, of Donegall, esq., and had issue, Henry 
Brooke, M.P. for the county of Fermanagh, who married, in 
1711, Lettice, daughter of Mr. Alderman Benjamin Burton, of 
the city of Dublin, and left at his decease in 1761, besides 
daughters, two sons, viz.: — 1. Arthur Brooke, M.P. for Ferma- 
nagh, and a Privy Councillor, who was created a baronet of Ire- 
land in 1764, which honour ceased at his demise in 1785, 
when he left by his wife Margaret, only daughter of Thomas 
Fortescue, esq., of Eeynold's Town, in the county of Louth, 
and sister of the first Lord Clermont, two daughters, his co- 
heirs, Selina, married to Thomas, first Viscount de Vesci ; and 
Letitia Charlotte, married to Sir John Parnell ; 2. Francis Brooke, 
who married, in 1765, Hannah, daughter of Henry Prittie, esq., 
of Dunalley, and was great-grandfather of the present Sir Victor 
Alexander Brooke of Colebrooke, baronet ; 2nd daughter, Le- 
titia, first wife to Dr. William Fitzgerald, Dean of Cloyne, 
and afterwards Bishop of Clonfert, died s, jp. ; 3rd daughter, 
Mary, married to Henry Moore, Earl of Drogheda, ancestor of. 
the Marquess of Drogheda; 4th daughter, Frances, second 
wife to Sir Thomas Domville of Temple Oge, bart. (father of 
Sir Compton Domville) by whom she had no issue ; 5th 
daughter, Margaret, married first to the Reverend John Burdett, 
Dean of Clonfert, and by him, who was buried in St. Michan's 
church, 2 August, 1726, had issue, William, bom in 1696 ; 
Arthur in 1 698, of Lismalin, ancestor of the Burdetts of Bally- 
many, in the county of Kildare, and of Hunstanton, King's 
County; Elizabeth; Lettice; and John, who died an infant. Her 
second husband was Thomas Lloyd of Croghan, in the county of 
Roscommon, a Colonel in the army, by whom she had no issue ; 


6th daughter, Elizabeth, married to her cousin Sir Michael Cole, 

knt. ; and 7th daughter, Alicia, baptised 25 July, 1 679, and buried 

28 December, 1680, with her brother Edward. 

Sir Arthur Cole, the second bart., with his mother, as an absentee 
by reason of sickness, and Sir Michael Cole, as resident in England, 
were all attainted by the parliament of king James II., and had 
their estates sequestered, to which king William's victories again 
restored them. In whose reign and in that of queen Anne, Sir 
Arthur was a member of parliament, and king George I. advanced 
him to the peerage by privy seal dated at St. James', 1 March, 1714, 
and by patent at Dublin, 18 April, 1715,* by the title of Baron 
Eanelagh, of Eanelagh, in the county of Wicklow, with limitation 
of the honour, in default of his issue male, to the heirs male of his 
father and their heirs male for ever. On 12 November, following, 
he took his seat in the house of peers, and was a member of his 
majesty's privy council. He married, first, Catherine, second, but 
eldest surving daughter of William, the third Lord Byron, by hig 
first wife, Elizabeth, daughter of John, Viscount Chaworth; he 
married, secondly, on 26 June, 1748, Selina,"f" eldest daughter of 
Peter Bathurst, of Clarendon-park, in Wiltshire, esq., and dying 

* The Preamble — "Postquam Titulos et Dignitates, sub Regni nostri initium^Viris 
de Republic^, optime mentis impertiri pro more destinavimiis, illos imprimis, qui 
Sanctis et avitis Patrise legibus yindicandis eminuerent, Honoribus insignire sequum 
duximus. Proinde fidelem et prsedilectum nostrum Arthurum Cole, Baronettum, 
a longe illustrium Virorum serie demissum, et a Patre natum, qui, Caroli secimdi 
in Patriam redeuntis partes strenue promovendo, Baronetti dignitatem prome^uit. 
Ipsum vero tanti Stemmatis hseredem non degenerem, utpote qui Gulielmi tertii 
causam, inter primos, adjuvando, adimperium nobis deferendum viam aperuit, novo 
nomine inclarescere voluimus. Nee est quod dubitemus quin Vir egregius, qui 
dudum boni Civis numus sustiuuit, prsecipue vero cum nuper de Eeligione ref ormata 
ac Jure nostro in Begnum pene conclamatum essit, in Procerum ordines adscriptus, 
nibU minus Eeipublicae commodo prospiciat; ilium igitur quam lubentissime ad eum 
Honoris gradum evehimus, imde Yirtutes, quae tantam Majoribus et sibi ipsi famam 
concilia verunt, in regise Magistatis prsBsidium et Eeipublicae emolumentum luculentiis 
exerceat. Sciatis igitur," etc. — (Rot. Ao. 1 Geo. I., 1 p, f.) 

The supporters used by his lordship were the same as those of the Lords Mount* 
Florence and Enniskillen (as on p. 53 note *) 

+ Lady Ranelagh married Sir John Elwill, bart., by whom she had an only 
daughter and child, who married Lieut. Felton Hervey. — Lodge, Vol. IV. note. 


8, p., 12 October, 1754, aged 90, was buried at West Dean ; and the 
title of Baron Eanelagli became extinct. His lordship, in addition 
to other estates, inherited those of his brother Michael, viz. : that 
of Derry Castle, &c., &c., but latterly resided wholly at his beautiful 
manor house of West Dean, in the county of Wilts, which, to- 
gether with the manor of East Grinstead, he purchased of the 
trustees of the Duke of Kingston. The house was pulled down 
many years ago, and the estate is now the property of Lord Ennis- 
killen (who sits in the House of Lords as Baron Grinstead) and 

14 We now return to Sib Michael Cole (eldest son of Sir William, 
see p. 46) who was bom in 1616, and died intestate prior to 7 April, 
1663, on which day Letters of Administration to his effects were 
granted to his son. He was elected to parliament for Ennis- 
kiUen in 1661, received the honour of knighthood, and married 
Alice, daughter of Chidley Coote, of KiUester, esq., brother to 
Charles, the first Earl of Mountrath, and by her, who was buried 
under the communion table in St. Michan's Church, Dublin, 27 
August, 1761, had seven children, who all died young or un- 
married, except 

15 Sib Michael Cole, his successor, who, 20 February, 1671, married 

Elizabeth, daughter of Sir John Cole, bart., and by her, who died 
in. London, 19 August, 1733, had sixteen children, of whom Mary 
was baptised 1 May, 1679, and buried the 7th, at St. Michan's ; 
Elizabeth, buried there 28 August, 1677; John; Michael, bap- 
tised 12 July, 1681 ; Chichester, baptised 14 August, 1643 ; 
William, baptised 18 August 1686 ; Catherine ; Jane ; Alice, 

16 and others died young ; the only survivors were John, Michael, 
Chichester, and Fenton Cole, who was of Dunkeen, in the 
county of Cavan, and of SilverhiU, in the county of Fermanagh, 

and married Dorothea, daughter of , and relict of 

Sanderson, by whom he had a daughter Elizabeth Cole, 

married to Sir Fitzgerald Aylmer of Donadea, bart., by whom she 
had Sir Fenton Aylmer, bart., and Lieut-General Arthur Aylmer 
(who married Anne, daughter and heiress of John Harrison, of 
Walworth-castle in the county of Durham) grandfather of John 
Harrison Aylmer, now of Walworth. Sir Michael's " estate of 


<f^l,070 a year was sequestered in 1689, by king James II., he 
then having a wife and five children/' (Lodge), and on the acces- 
sion of queen Anne (1701-2) he was in the Commission of the Peace 
for the county of Middlesex.* He departed this life in London, 
on 11 February, 1710, and was succeeded by his eldest son, 

16 John Cole of Florence-court, in the county of Fermanagh, baptised 

AprU 12, 1680, who enjoyed all the estate belonging to the family 
in the county of Fermanagh (that part which had been con- 
firmed to his mother's father. Sir John Cole, in the barony of Clen- 
awly, being settled on her and her heirs, on her marriage with his 
father), and greatly improved both his own seat, and the town 
of Enniskillen, by new buildings ; so that many poor families 
by his extensive improvements, were comfortably supported. 
He served in parliament for the said borough of Enniskillen, 
and, in 1723, w£is sheriff of the county of Fermanagh. In 
July 1707, pursuant to articles dated 10th of that month, he 
married, first, Florence,-}- only daughter of Sir Bourchier Wrey, 
of Trebitch, in Cornwall, and Tawstock in Devonshire, bart.. 
Knight of the Bath, M.P. for the latter county. Governor of 
Sheerness, and colonel of a regiment in the reign of king 
WiUiam III. (who died 28 July 1696, by his wife Florence, 
daughter of Sir John EoUe of Stevenstone, in the county of 
Devon, Knight of the Bath, ancestor of the Lord EoUe), and 
by her, who died at Dublin, 30 August, 1718, had five sons and 

17 two daughters, viz,: — John, his heir ; Bourchier, born , 

captain in Wynyard's regiment, married Jane, daughter of 
y and died intestate, administration being 

granted 21 September, 1748 ; Michael, born , 

married Elizabeth, daughter of the Eight Eev. Eichard Tenison, 

• HarL MS. 7512, f. 35. 

f [Florence-court, a fine structure of the Ionic order, i?7ith a front about 300ft. long, 
was built with the dowry of this lady, and caUed after her name. It contains 
portraits of Sir Michael Cole; of Florence, daughter of Sir Bourchier Wrey, and her 
son John, the first Lord Mount-Forence; of John Willoughby, the second earl, and 
his brothers, General Sir G. L. Cole, and the Hon. Arthur Cole, the Resident at 
Mysore. It has also a museum, which is rich in fossils and in other geological 
treasures that have been coUected by the present earl. 


Bishop of Meath, by whom he had a daughter Alice Cole; 
William, baptised 21 April, 1714, married and had a daughter, 

17 Mary, who died unmarried 4 April 1755 ; Heney Cole, A.M., 
clerk in Holy Orders, of Brookefield, born in June, 1716, 
married Mary, daughter of Henry, and sister to Sir Arthur 
Brooke, (by whom he had : 1. Thomas Cole, esq., whose Will was 

18 proved 12 November 1791 ; 2. Henry St. George Cole, of Lucan, 
in the county of Dublin, esq., "one of the land-waiters at the 
Port of Waterford, and Justice of the Peace for that county, who 
died 15 May, 1819, at Annestown, in the county of Waterford, 
at an advanced age ;"* and who married, first, Mary, daughter of 
Henry Eichardson, M.D., by whom he had no issue; and, 
secondly, Elizabeth Mac Eoberts, relict of William Thompson, 

19 esq., by whom he had: 1. Henry Cole, barrister-at-law, who 
married , daughter of Henry Launauze of Dublin, by 

20 whom he had, (A) John Willoughby Cole, only son, for- 
merly Sub-Inspector of Police at Balbriggan, who married 
Elizabeth-Harriet, daughter of John Hamilton Brown, of Comber- 
house, in the county of Kerry, esq., and had by her (in 1861) 
an only child, Jane Matilda Cole ; (B) Frances Cole ; (C) and 
Henrietta Cole, married 10 June, 1849, to the Eev. Alfred 
Hamilton, and had, in 1861, three sons and three daughters; 
3. Arthur Cole, married October, 1768, Ann, daughter of James 
Aylmer of Creagh, in the county of Cork, by whom he had 
Mary, married to William Gubbet, captain in the Fermanagh 
militia; 4. Elizabeth Cole, married to Henry Kennedy of Cultra, 
in the county of Down, esq., and died 19 October, 1828; 5. 
Letitia Cole ; 6. Florence Cole, married to Hugh Falkner of Will- 
brook, in the county of Tyrone, esq.) ; Elizabeth, born 27 Oc- 
tober, 1712, died at Dublin in 1770, married, first, to Ed- 
ward Archdall of Castle Archdall in the county of Ferma- 

. nagh, esq., and secondly to Bysse Molesworth, esq., M.P. 
for Swords, 1726r7, (the seventh and youngest son of Eobert, 
and brother to Richard, Viscount Molesworth) by whom she 
had eight sons and one daughter; and Florence, bom in 

a Qents. Mag.,^6L 89 (1819) p. 654. 


1714, married to Arthur Newburgh, esq., of Donnybrook, in 
the county of Dublin, by whom she had Brookhill Newburgh, 
esq., and many others. His (John Cole's) second wife was 

the daughter of Eobert Saunderson of Castle-Saunder- 

son, in the county of Cavan, esq., and dying in July 1726, he 
was succeeded by his eldest son, ^ 

17 John Cole, of Florence-court, born 13 October, 1709, sheriff 

of the county of Fermanagh, in 1 732, and M.P. for the borough 
of EnniskiUen, till 1760, when his majesty king George II., 
advanced him to the peerage of Ireland by the title of 
Baron Mount-Florence* of Florence-Court, in the county of 
Fermanagh, for which dignity the privy seal bears date at 
Kensington, 20 August, and the patent 8 September of the 
same year, and 22 October, 1761, his lordship had his intro- 
duction to the house of peers. In October, 1728, he married 
Elizabeth,-|- eldest daughter and co-heiress of Hugh Wil- 
loughby Montgomery of Carrow, in the county of Fermanagh, 
M.P. for the county of Monaghan, and died 30 November, 
1767, having had issue by her, who died at Bath, in April 
1771, two sons and five daughters, viz : — 

18 The Honourable Whjjam Willoughby Cole, second 

Baron Mount-Florence, and first Viscount and Earl of 
EnniskiUen (see page 55), and 

* Arms: Pearl, a bull passant, Diamond, armed andunguled Topaz, within a bor- 
dure of the second bezant de; on a dexter canton, per pale, of the third and Sapphire, 
a harp Gold, stringed of the first, and the quarterings brought in by Bodrugan 
(p. 5 note) and Archdeacon (p. 25 note). Crest : A demi-dragon Emerald, langued 
Ruby, holding in the dexter paw an arrow Gold, headed and feathered Pearl, and in 
the sinister a shield Sapphire, charged as the canton. Supporters : Two dragons 
reguardant Emerald, each holding in the exterior paw an arrow as in the crest. 
Motto : Deum cole, regem s^rva. 

+ Descendants of this marriage quarter arms of Willoughby-Montgomery, viz.^ 
Quarterly 1 and 4, Az., 3 fleur de lis Or ; 2 and 3, Gu., 3 annulets Or, gemmed Az. 
within a bordure Or charged with a double tressure flory counterflory Gu. ; on 
an inescutcheon Arg. a handspike and sword in saltire Gu. This lady was co-re- 
presentative of the great and distinguished family of Montgomery, ennobled under 
the titles of Viscount Montgomery and Earl of Mount- Alexander, and sprung 
originally from the house of Eglintoun. Her mother was Elizabeth, the daughter 
of Brigadier-General Creighton. — Lodge's Irish Peerage^ vol. I., p. 367, &c. 


18 The Honourable Arthue Cole-Hamilton, bom 8 August, 

1750, who was seated at Skea, in the county of Fermanagh, 

for which county he served the office of sheriff, and was 

elected in 1789, one of its representatives in parliament, he 

was also Lieut-colonel of the Tyrone militia, &c., &c. In 

1780 he married Letitia, daughter and heiress to Claudius 

Hamilton, of Monterlony, in the county of Tyrone, esq., 

and had license to take the name of, and to bear the arms 

of Hamilton* in addition to his patronymic and those of 
Cole ; he died and left issue, 

19 I. Claude William Cole-Hamilton, son and heir, bom 

7 July, 1781, married 10 October, 1805, Nichola Sophia, 
daughter and heiress of Eichard Chalonerf of Kings- 
fort, in the county of Meath. He died 25 April, 1822, 
leaving issue, 

20 I- Aethub Willoughby Cole-Hamilton, of Beltrim, 

in the county of Tyrone, J.P. and D.L., high sheriff 
1830, late major in the Tyrone militia, bom 23 
November, 1806, married 16 December, 1831, Amelia 
Catherine, fourth daughter of Eev. Cobbe Beresford, 
by whom he had, 

21 1. William Claude Cole-Hamilton, late captain 

88th regiment, bom 8 August, 1833, married 10 
June, 1858, Caroline Elizabeth Josephine, youngest 
daughter of Hon. A 6. Stuart, and niece of Eobert, 
Earl of Castle-Stuart ; by whom he has Aethub 

22 EiCHAKD Cole-Hamilton, bom 29 April, 1859. 

2. Arthur Edward Cole-Hamilton, bom November, 
1837, died November, 1838. 

21 3. CLAUiiE Cole-Hamilton, bom 20 November 1838. 

21 4. Chables Eichard CoLE-Hamilton, bom 6 Decem- 

ber 1842, midshipman, RN. in 1861. 

21 5. Arthur Henry CoLE-Hamilton, bom 17 April, 


* Arms of Hamilton : Quarterly 1 and 4 Go., 3 cinquefoils pierced Erm., for 
HarmUon; 2 and 3 Arg. a lymphad with her sails furled Sa., for Arranf <kc, 

t Arms of Chaloner, Sa. a chevron between 3 cherubims. Or. 


21 6. John Isaac Cole-Hamilton, bom 12 July, 1851. 

7. Amelia Harriet> married April 1858, to John 
Gordon-Bowen, esq., of Burt-house, in the county 
of Donegal 

8. Frances Sophia, born April, 1836. 

9. Selina, bom June, 1840. 

10. Letitia Grace, born . 

20 II. EiCHARD Chaloneb Cole-Hamilton, of Eangsfort, 

in the county of Meath, J.P., bom 25 April, 1810, 
married 12 February, 1855, to Henrietta, second 
daughter of Charles Arthur Tisdall, esq,, of Charles- 
fort, in the county of Meath, and assumed the sur- 
name of Chaloneb, on inheriting the property of his 
mother's family. 

II. Letitia Cole-Hamilton, married August 1815 to Major 
E. Stafford, and died 1853. 

III. Elizabeth Anne Cole-Hamilton, married in 1820 
to Captain Henry Slade of 43rd regiment of Light 
Infantry, and died 14 November, 1849. 

rV. Isabella Cole-Hamilton, married to James Hamilton, 
esq., and died in 1827. 

The Honourable Mary Anne (eldest daughter of first Baron 
Mount-Florence) born , died unmar- 

The Honourable Flora Caroline Cole, married 10 Decem- 
ber, 1735, to William Irvine of Castle Irvine, in the 
county of Fermanagh, esq. , and died 20 October, 1 757. 

The Honourable Catherine Cole, born , mar- 
ried 6 October, 1770, to Eedmond Brown, esq., captain 
in the first regiment of Foot. 

The Honourable Mary Cole, bom ^ died 

4 April, 1755 ; and 

The Honourable Elizabeth Cole, bom , 

13 William Willoughby Cole, second Baron Mount-Florence, 


was bom in 1736, and 6 May 1756, set out from Ireland for Got- 
tingen in the Electorate of Hanover ; lie arrived there in June, and 
10 August following pursued his travels, visiting the courts of 
Berlin, Brunswick, Dresden, Munich, Venice, Eome, Naples, 
Florence, Sicily, Pisa, Leghorn, Genoa, Turin, and most of the 
towns in Flanders, tUl 11 September 1757, when he arrived in 
London. In 1761 he was chosen to parliament for Enniskillen, for 
which borough he served till 1767; and 7 March, 1768, had his 
introduction to the house of peers on the death of his father. On 
20 July 1776 he was created Viscount Enniskillen, pursuant to 
privy seal dated at St. James' 24 June preceding, and by that title 
took his seat in parliament 14 October, 1777 : in 1789, he was 
further advanced to the dignity of Earl of Enniskillen ; and died 
22 May, 1803. His wife (to whom he was wedded 3 November, 
1763) was Anne, daughter of Galbraith Lowry-Corry, esq., of Ahenis, 
in the county of Tyrone (whose son Armar was created Earl of 
Belmore) and by her ladyship, who died in 1802, had issue, 

19 I. John Willoughby Cole, second Earl of Enniskillen, KP., Lord- 
Lieut, and Gustos Eotulorum of the county of Fermanagh, born 
23 March 1768 ; on 11 August, 1815, he was created, by patent, 
a peer of Great Britain, by the style of Baron Grinstead, of 
Grinstead, in the county of Wilts; he died 31 March, 1840, 
having married, 15 October, 1805, the Lady Charlotte Paget, 
fourth daughter of Henry, Earl of Uxbridge (by Jane, his wife, 
daughter of the very Eev. Arthur Champagne, A.M., Dean of 
Clonmacnoise*), and hy her, who died 26 January 1817, he had, 

* The Champagnes whose name is properly de Robillard are a very ancient family, 
and may be traced in French history to a period as remote as the eleventh century. 
Jean de Robillard, "homme d'armes de la compagnie de Jacques de Luxembourg, 
chevalier de la Toison de 'Or,*' was living circa 1450. His son Jean de Robillard, 
"Ecuyer, noble homme," married Julienne de I'Orme, and dying in 1528 left a son, 
Andr^ de Robillard, Sieur de la Grange, et de la Champagne, 1557 — 1572. He 
married Judith Boursicot, and left issue: 1. Jean, Seignieur de la Grange 2. 
Daniel, Seignieur de la Fontanelle, married, 1625, Judith, daugher of Isaac Foytvain, 
Ecuyer, Seignieur de Fortal, and had issue; 3. Josias, Seignieur de Champagne ; 
and Susanne- Anne-Elizabeth, married to Pierre Tallyrand de Grignange. The third 
son, Josias de Robillard, married in 1639, Marie, daughter of Nathaniel de Maziere, 
Sieur des Seignories de Voutron et de la Canne, and was father of Josias de Robillard, 
Chevalier, Seignieur de Champagne, who married Marie, daughter of Casimir de la 


20 L WnjJAM WiLLOUGHBY CoLE, third Earl of EnniskiUen, of 
whom hereafter. 

20 II. The Honourable Heney Arthur Cole, bom 14 February, 
1809, educated at Harrow, was formerly Captain of the 7th 
Hussars, and late Lieut-Colonel of the Fermanagh Militia, for 
which county he is a Justiceof the Peace, and was high-sheriff of 
the same in 1854 ; was elected M.P. for EnniskiUen, in 1844; 
and has been M.P. for the county of Fermanagh since 1855. 

20 IIL The Honourable John Lowry Cole, bom 8 June, 1813, 
was educated at Winchester, is a Magistrate for the county of 
Fermanagh, has served as high sheriff of the same, and has 
been M.P. for EnniskiUen since 1859. 

IV. The Honourable Lowry Balfour Cole, born 6 June 1815, 
died at Haslewood, 22 January, 1818. 

V. The Lady Jane Anne Louisa Florence Cole, born 27 June, 
1811, died unmarried, 23 March, 1831. 

II. The Honourable Sir Galbraith Lowry Cole (second son of the 
19 first Earl) was bom 1 May, 1772, entered the army as comet 
in the 12th regiment of Dragoons, and subsequently attained 
te rank of Lieut. -general, and G.C.B. ; he was Colonel of the 
27th or Inniskilling regiment of Foot, commanded the 4th 
division of the British army throughout the Peninsular war; 
and thrice received the thanks of the Houses of Parliament for 

Kochefoucald, ''haut et puissant Seignieur des Fouches," and left issue, 1. Josias, 
who adopted the surname of De Champagne ; 2. Augustus, a colonel in the Army ; 
and several daughters, one of whom, Susanne, married the Baron Tonnay-Yonton 
et de St. Surin, and was mother of Henri Auguste, Baron de la Motte-Fouqu^, the 
celebrated Prussian General under Frederick the Great, and grandfather of the 
Baron de la Motte-Fouqu^, the distinguished writer. 

The elder son, Josias de Robillard, who took the surname of de Champagne, left 
Saintonge on the revocation of the Edict of Nantes, married Lady Jane Forbes, 
daughter of Arthur, second Earl of Granard, and dying at Portarlington in 1737 
left an only son, the very reverend Arthur Champagne, A.M., Dean of Dean of 
Clonmacnoise, bom in 1714, who married Marianne, daughter of Colonel Isaac 
Hamon, whose ancestor came to England eaily in Queen Elizabeth's reign from 
Backqueville, in Normandy, and settled at Kye in Sussex. Dean Champagne died 
in 1800, leaving issue, inter alios, a daughter Jane, married in 1767 to Henry Paget 
Earl of Uxbridge, and mother of Charlotte, Countess of EnniskiUen. — Bubee. 


his distinguished services. The resolution of the House of 
Commons on 21 of May 1815 states that the thanks of that 
House were presented to him for his distinguished exertions 
at the battle of Salamanca, on 22 July 1812 ; for his great 
exertions on 21 June 1813, when the French army was com- 
pletely defeated by the allied forces under the command of the 
Duke of Wellington, near Vittoria ; for the valour, steadiness, 
and exertion so successfully displayed in repelling the repeated 
attacks of the whole French force under Marshal Soult, between 
25 July and 1 August, 1813 ; and lastly, for his able and dis- 
tinguished conduct throughout those operations which concluded 
with the entire defeat of the army at Orthes 27 February, 1814, and 
the occupation of Bordeaux by the allied forces; he also acquitted 
himself so gallantly at Maida, as to call forth the expression of 
gratitude from the representatives of the country. He was 
wounded at Albuera,* and in subsequent engagements. In 1814 
he received the honour of knighthood, and was also decorated with 
the insignia of the Portuguese Order of the Tower and Sword, and 
of the Turkish Order of the Crescent, etc.. He was M.P. for the 
county Fermanagh, in the Irish House of Commons from 1798 to 
1803, and in the Imperial Parliament from 1803 1823 ; and was 
Governor of Gravesend, and Tilbury Fort, and of the colonies of 
theMauritius and the Cape of Good Hope, in which last he gave his 
name to the town of Colesburg. A handsome column has been 
erected in his honour at Enniskillen by the tenantry of the 
EnniskUlen estates, on which are enumerated the various expedi- 
tions that he took part in, including (besides those above referred 
to) OliveuQa, Martinique, Guadaloupe, Egypt, Pyrenees, Nivelle, 
and Toulouse. Copious accounts of the career of this gallant 
. general appeared in the publications of the period, and eulogistic 
notices of him are to be found in the "Biographical Dictionaries" 
of Chalmers, Eose, and others; and an excellent memoir of 
him in the "Peninsular Generals." •}• A fine monument in the 
church of Enniskillen bears a nearly full sized and beautifully 

* Qenta. Mag. vol. 81 (1811), p. 662. 

+ By John William Cole, of 21st FusiUers, 8vo, London, 1856. 


executed effigy of Sir Galbraith in his robes as Elnight of the 
the Bath ; and under are inscribed these appropriate words : — * ' His 
history may be found in that of his country. His character in the 
devoted attachment of his friends, and the deep affection of his 
family/* He died at Highfield-park, Hants, on 5 October, 1842, 
having married, 15 June, 1815, the Lady Frances Harris, second 
daughter of James, first Earl of Malmesbury (who was bom 22 
August, 1784, and died 1 November, 1847) by whom he left 

20 I. Aethue Lowry Cole, C.B., Knight of the Medjidie, Brevet 

colonel 7th regiment, colonel 1st Administrative regiment 
of Surrey volunteers, bom 24 August, 1817, married 29 Novem- 
ber, 1854, Elizabeth Frances, daughter of Vice- Admiral Villiers 
Francis Hatton of Clonard, in the county of Wexford, by whom 
he has (1866) issue: 1, Mary Frances Lowry, bom 17 May, 
1856; 2, Florence Kate Lowry, bom 6 August, 1857; 3, Maude 

21 Georgina Lowry, born 27 April, 1859 ; 4, Aethub Willoughby 
Geoegb, bom 29 November, 1860 ; a son, born 23 October, 
1862 ; and a son, bom 26 March, 1866. 

IL William Willoughby'^Thomas Cole, late captain 27th regiment, 
born 17 November, 1819, died 4 April, 1863. 

IIL James Henry Cole, bom 1 5 December, 1821. 

IV. Florence Mary Georgina Cole, born 4 June 1816; a painting 
of her by Say was engraved by HoU (4to). 

V. Louisa Catherine Cole, born 16 August, 1818. 

VI. Frances Maria Frederica Cole, born 9 April, 1824. 

VII. Henrietta Anne Paulina Cole, born 6 October, 1826. 

III. The Honourable and Very Eev. William Montgomery Cple, 
(third son of first Earl) was Dean of Waterford, &o., bom 14 
October, 1773, and died suddenly on 2 September, 1804, without 
leaving issue. 

IV. The Honourable Arthur Cole (fourth son of first Earl) bom 28 
June, 1780, and died June 1844. He was in early life appointed 
Eesident at the Court of Mysore, and "by his rare pmdence, 
wisdom, and fearlessness, contributed very essentially to the 
restoration of order, and the preservation of sanguinary extremi- 


ties"* in the mutiny of the English officers of the Madras army, 
in 1809, arising out of Lieut-General Hay Macdowall's removal 
from the office of Commander-in-Chief by the Governor and 
Council of Madras. After Mr. Cole's return home he was some 
time M.P. for Enniskillen. 

V. The Honourable Henry Cole (fifth son of first Earl) bom 
, died young. 

VI. The Lady Sarah Cole (eldest daughter of first Earl) bom 1 
September, 1764, married 23 January, 1790, to Owen Wynne of 
Haselwood, in the county of Sligo, M.P. for Sligo ; and died 14 
March 1833. 

VIL The Lady Elizabeth Anne Cole (second daughter of first Earl) 
bom 8 August, 1765, married in September, 1788, to Captain 
Eichard Magennis of Warrington, in the county of Down, M.P. 
for Enniskillen, Lieut-colonel of Fermanagh militia, son of Eichard 
Magennis, esq.: she died 20 March, 1807, and he died 6 March 
1831. They had issue, 

I. Eichard William M., late a major in the army, J.P., D.L., 
and high-sheriff of the county of Down in 1830, born 19 
November, 1789, married 28 August, 1821, Anna Maria, 
eldest daughter and co-heiress of William Shepherd, esq., of 
of Bradboume, Kent. 
IL William John Cole Magenis, deceased. 

III. Henry Arthur Magenis, colonel in the army, married 
Mademoiselle Elise Damain, of the Mauritius, and died- 14} 
November/ 1852, leaving issue: 1, Eichard, captain 90th 
regiment; 2, Frederick, lieut. 28th regiment; 3, Henry, 
Eoyal Artillery ; 4, Edward ; 1 daughter, Elizabeth. 

IV. John Balfour M., married Frances Margaretta, widow of 
George Ede, esq., of Merry Oak, Southampton, and daughter of 
the late Judge Moore, of Lamberton-park, Queen's County, 
and has two daughters Florence and Geraldine. 

V. (Sir) Arthur Charles M., G.C.B., formerly H.B. Majesty's Envoy 
Extraordinary to the Court of Sweden, and late British Ambas- 
sador at Lisbon, who died on 14th February, 1867. 

• Charlea Macfarlane's Our Indian Empire, vol II., p. 181. 


I daughter. Anne Louise, married to David Albermarle Bertie 
Dewar, esq. 

II daughter. Elizabeth Anne, mamed to James Wilmot Wil- 
liams, of Herringston, in the county of Dorset, esq. 

III daughter. Florence Sarah M., died unmarried. 

IV daughter. Florence Catherine, married to John Ashley Warre, 
esq., and died 1837. 

VIII. The Lady Anne (third dau. of first Earl) born 14 Sept., 1769. 

IX. The Lady Florence (fourth daughter of first Earl) born 14 May, 
1788, and married 17 October, 1797 to Blayney Townley Balfour 
of Townley-hall, in the county of Louth, M.P. in 1797-8 for Bel- 
turbet, high-sheriff for Louth in 1792, who died 22 December, 
1856, having had issue by her who died 1 March, 1862, aged 83 

1. Blayney Townley Balfour, of Townley-hall, J.P., formerly 
Lieut-Governor of the Bahama Islands, born 1799 ; married 
1843, Elizabeth Catherine, daughter and heiress of Eichard 
Molesworth Eeynell of Eeynella, in the county of Westmeath, 
and has issue : 1, Blayney Eeynell B. ; 2, Francis Eichard B. ; 
and a daughter, Kathleen Agnes. . 

2. Willoughby William Townley B., born 1801, rector of Aston- 
FlamviUe-cum-Burbage, in the county of Leicester. 

3. Francis Leigh Townley B., born 1805, died at Honduras in 1833. 

4. Arthur Lowry Townley B., born 1 809, captain 32nd regiment, 
died in India. 

5. Lowry Vesey Townley B., secretary of the Order of St. Patrick, 
bom in 1819. 

1 daughter. Anne Maria Townley B. 

2 daughter. Letitia Frances Townley B. 

3 daughter. Florence Henrietta Townley, B. 

4 daughter. Elizabeth Sarah Townley B., died 1838 unmarried. 
X. The Lady Henrietta Frances (fifth daughter of first Earl) born in 

June 1784, married 20 July, 1805, to Thomas Philip Weddel- 
Eobinson, third Baron Grantham, Baron Lucas, Earl de Grey, 
KG, Lord Lieutenant of the kingdom of Ireland, who assumed 
the name of de Orey only on succeeding to the earldom on the 
death of Amabel Hume Grey, First Countess, his maternal aunt, 
4 May, 1833. He died 14 November, 1859, having had issue by 
her ladyship, who died 2 July, 1828, 


I. The Lady Anne Ilorence, born 8 June, 1806. She succeeded 
at her father's (Earl de Grey's) decease as Baeoness Lucas ; 
inherited Wrest-park, Ampthill, Beds.; and married 7 October, 
1833, George Augustus Frederick, sixth Earl Cowper, Lord- 
Lieutenant of Kent, and had issue: 1, Francis Thomas de Grey, 
K.G., Viscount Fordwich, Baron Cowper of Wingfield, in the 
county of Kent, Lord-Lieutenant of Bedfordshire, a Prince of 
the Holy Eoman empire, &c., bom 11 June 1834, who succeeded 
his father, 15 April, 1856, as seventh Earl Cowper; 2, Henry 
Frederick Cowper, M.P. for the county of Hertford, born 18 
April, 1836 ; 1 daughter, Henrietta Emily Mary, died un- 
married, 28 June, 1853 ; 2 daughter, Florence Amabel ; 3 
daughter, Adine Eliza Anne, married 29 September, 1866, to 
the Hon. Julian Fane, fourth son of John, eleventh Earl of 
Westmoreland ; 4 daughter, AmabeL 

II. The Honourable Thomas Philip Weddell, bom 21 August, 
1807, died 30 March, 1810. 

IIL The Lady Mary Gertrude, born 5 November, 1809, married 
5 July, 1832, to Captain Henry Vyner of Newby-hall, in the 
county of York, who died 22 January 1861, having had issue: 
1, Henr}'^ Frederick Clare Vyner, his heir, now of Newby, &c., 
bom 1836 ; 2, Eeginald Arthur Vyner, M.P. for Eipon, born 
1839; 3, Eobert Charles de Grey Vyner; 4, Frederick Grantham 
Vyner ; 1 daughter, Henrietta Anne Theodosia, married 8 
April, 1851, to George Frederick Samuel Eobinson, second and 
present Earl de Grey and Eipon, etc., and has issue, Frederick 
Oliver, Viscount Goderich, born 29 January, 1852 ; 2 daughter, 
Theodosia Harriet Elizabeth, married 5 July, 1859, to the most 
honourable Charles Douglas Compton, third and present Mar- 
quess of Northampton, but died s.p,, 18 November, 1864. 

IV. The Honourable Frederick William, born 11 April, 1810, 
died 6 February, 1831. 

V. The Honourable Amabel Elizabeth, born 11 October, 1816, 
died 13 September, 1827. 

go The Eight Honourable William Willoughby Cole, (see p. 57), 
third Earl of Enniskillen, and Viscount Enniskillen, fourth Baron 
Mount-Florence in the peerage of Ireland, and second Baron Grin- 


stead in that of the United Kingdom, F.RS., LLD., F.G.S., M.E.I.A., 
a Trustee of the Hunterian Museum, etc., was bom 25 January, 
1807, and educated at Harrow, and Christ Church, Oxford, which 
University conferred upon him the degree of D.C.L., in 1834. He 
. represented the county of Fermanagh in parliament from 1831 
until his introduction into the House of Lords on the decease of his 
father in 1840. His Lordship has been many years Colonel of the 
Fermanagh regiment of militia, and is also well and favourably 
known in the field of science as a distinguished geologist. He 
married 16 January, 1844, Jane, eldest daughter of James Archi- 
bald Casamajor, sometime Resident at the Court of Mysore (by 
his wife, Mary, daughter of Colonel Thomas Paterson, by Anna,* 
daughter and co-heiress of Boyd Porterfield, esq. of that Ilk,) and 
by her, who was bom 15 June, 1815, and died 13 May, 1855, had 
issue, three sons and three daughters, viz: — 

L The Honourable John Willoughby Michael, Viscount Cole, born 
16 December, 1844, and died 15 April, 1850. 

21 II. The Honourable Lowry Egerton, now Viscount Cole, born 21 
December, 1845 ; an officer in the Rifle Brigade. 

21 III. The Hon. Arthue Edward Casamajor, born 9 March, 1851. 

IV. The Lady Charlotte Jane, born 10 May, 1847. 

V. The Lady Mary Florence, born 5 August, 1849. 

VI. The Lady Alice Elizabeth, born 4 February, 1853. 
VIL The Lady Jane Evelyn Cole, bom 21 April, 1855. 

Lord EnniskiUen, married, secondly, 5 September, 1865, the 
Honourable Mary Emma Brodick, eldest daughter and co-heiress of 
George, sixth Viscount Midleton, by his wife, Emma, daughter of 
Thomas, 22nd Baron Despencer. 

* This lady derived from the noble houses of Kilmarnock and Glencaime, and 
through the latter, viz,^ the Cunninghames, Earls of Glencaime, from James II., 
King of Scotland, and Edward I., King of England. — (Burke.) It may be also 
here noted that all the descendants of. John Cole and Florence, daughter of Sir 
Bourchier Wrey (see p. 51), derive through the ancient family of Bourchier, Earls 
of Bath, &c., from King Edward III. 




Page 3, line I, for "Chumleigh," read "Chulmleigli." 

Page 3, To iiote, "Arms of Cole," after **Warres," add "As it appears that * Jone, 
on of tlie co-beires of Ilicb. Laueranc/ towards the end of the fourteenth 
century, intermarried with Cole, her arms, Chequy Or and Sa., (sometimes Az.) 
on a bend Gu. three escallops, Arg., may be marshalled immediately after the 
paternal coat of Cole.** 

Page 6, line 19, for "attached," read "he attacbes." 

Page 7, last line but one, for " counterchaged," read "counterchanged." 

Page 12, line 17,/ar "p. 16," read "p. 22." 

Page 14, line 4, for **Hilligan," read " Heligan ;" line 14,/or "eaving," read "leaving." 

Page 15, line 6 n.,/or "One," read "Two," and add "No. 1433, f. 119." 

Page 15, As note to Cole of BucTdand, add, "De la Pole (p. 271), says a daughter 

and co-heir of John Merwood, of Westcote, married Cole, and was mother 

of Joane, wife to Sir Thomas Prideaux, and of Alice, wife to Sir G«o. Southcote; 
but, although she may have been John Cole's wife, she was not the motber of 
tbese ladies." 

Page 19, line 11,/ar "Tbeir," read "His," and after "children," add [? by his first 
wife, Mary, the daughter of Sir Harry Jones, of Aston], 

Page 20, line 12, after " issue," add "three daughters his co-heiressss, viz., Catherine 
Jane, married to Col. Edw. Warner (by whom she had Charles William W., 
solicitor-general for the Island of Trinidad, and a daughter, Hislop Mary W.)" 

Page 20, line 13, /or "Charles Alexander Manning," read "James Alexander Man- 
ning of the Inner Temple (who had surviving issue, a daughter, Mary Erskine 
Shipley M.)» 

Page 26, line 19 and 23, /or "Wheeler," read "Wheler." 

Page 27, line 1 n.,for "descendep," read "descended." 

Page 29, line 16, "Deering Cole," after " 1626," add "who was of London, and 

whose will was proved at Doctors' Commons, in July, 1673." 
Page 49, line 11, for "surving," read "surviving." 


Ady, 30. Andrews, 9. Anne of Gloucester- 
slure, 6. Arcedekne, or Archdeacon 
family, 22—23 ; arms 25 n. Archdall, 52. 
Arnold, 22. Arundel, 41. Ashenden, 41. 
Ashton, 41. Astrey, 26. Atkin, 38. Atkin- 
son, 36. Atwell arms, 8n. Aubrey, 34; J. 
and A., license to take name and arms of 
Cole, 31. Aylmer, 50, 62. 

Balfour family, 61. Barclay, 45. Barnes, 13. 
Bathurst, 49. Baynham, 7. Beasley, 38-39. 
Beaupell, 5. Benham, 11. Beresford, 54. 
Berkeley, 15, 19, 20. Bevile, 13. Bligh, 
16, 17. Bodrugan family, 4 ; arms, 8 n. ; 
castle, 5 n. Bodyar arms, 5 n. Bowen, 
of Bowen's-coiui;, 28 ; of Burt-house, 53. 
Boscawen, 14. Bourchier (Capt. ) descent 
of, 39 n. Brodick, 63. Brooke of Done- 
gall, 48. Brown, 9, 20, 52. Burdett fami- 
ly, 48. Byron, 49. Buckland arms, 25 n. 

Camylla arms, 8 n. Carew, 14. Cartwright, 
37. Casamajor, 63. Casswell, 38. Chaloner, 
arms, 54 n. De Champagne, 56. Cham- 
pernon, 5 n., 14. Chaplin, 20. Chaworth, 
visct., 49. Chichester, of Dungannon, 
47. Chudleigh, 17, 19. Clarke, 8, 28, 
40 ; arms, 8 n. Clavell family, 22 n. ; arms, 
25 n. Clermont, 48. ClifiFord, of Ugbrook, 
18. Codling, 37. Coel of Colchester, 1. 
Cc»la, 1. Cole, arms granted by Richard, 
earl of Cornwall, 3 n. ; Adam, of Uptamer, 
6, 7 n. ; Sir Arthur, lord Ranelagh, 46, 
47, 49; Arthur, resident at Mysore, 59, 
60 ; baron, tew*». Conq.y 1 ; of Bishop's 
Waltham and Odiham, 10-11, arms 11 n., 
John, 12 ; of Brookepield, 52 ; of Buckishe, 
14, 21 ; of Buckland, 15 ; of Cork, 29—30 n ; 
Emanuel, 29. 41 ; of Enniskillen, 42 — 63, 
viscounts and earls, ^^, 57, 62, 63 ; of En- 
stone, 19—20 ; Gen. Sir G. L., 57— 59 ; Geo., 
of Petersham and Middle Temple, 16, monu- 
ment to, 16 n. ; Gregory, of Middle Temple, 
Slade, and Addington, compounded for his 
estate, 17, buried in Temple church, 16 n. ; 
Chaloner-Cole-Hamilton, 55 ; Cole-Ha- 
milton, of Beltrim, 54 —55, arms, 65 n. ; Col. 
H. A., 57; of Heston, 15 n. ; Sir John, at 
Agincourt, 6 ; de Tamer, 3 ; John, lord 
Mount- Florence, 52, arms, 53 n. ; John L., 
67; the Justice, 1; of London, 26- -27; 
anns, 27 n. ; of liyss, 29—34, arms, 29 n. ; 

Montgomery, 69; of Marazion, 8 — 9 n. ; Rev. 
P. of Hawkesbury, 21—22 ; Rd., tem-p. H. 
III., 2 ; Robt., of Addington, compounded 
for his estate, 18; Sir Robt., of Bally- 
mackey, 27 ; Roger, of Coleton and Hokes- 
bere, 2, 3; of St. Saviour's, 9; of Slade, 12, 
arms, 12 n. ; of Sudbury, 9, arms, 9 n. ; of 
the Temple and Waldron, 2i8, arms, 28 n. ; 
Thomas, B.D., 28, M.A., 27; of Treworgee, 
8, arms, 8n. ; of Twickenham, 8n., 15 n.; 
of WiOTOFT, 32—42, arms, 41 n., Nathaniel, 
27, 32, 33, arms, 32 n.; Wm. and Isabella, 
of Cornwall, 2 ; of Hutenesleigh, 2 ; SirWm. 
of Enniskillen, arms, 45 n. ; of Tamer, 6 ; 
of Winchester, 11 — 12. Compton, marq. of 
Northampton, 62. Cooke, 9, 14. Coote 
of Killester, 50. Coplestone, 1 4. Corbett, 
of Damhall and Elsham, 40 ; descent from 
imperial and sovereign houses, 39 n. — 40 n. 
Corry, of Ahenis, 56. Cotton, of Comber- 
mere, 29. Cowper, earl, and family, 62. 
Crosby, 35. Cusack, of Kilkisheen, 47. 

Daiman, 60. Darcy, of St. Osith's, 18. 
D'Auney, 22 n.; arms, 25 n. Dawes, 18 - 
19. Dawson, 36. Dean, West, manor of, 
60. Deards, 27. Deering of Lyss, and 
arms, 29 n. Dillon, viscounts, 25 — 26 n. 
Domville, of Temple Oge, 48. Dowse, 37. 
Dowrish, 13. Dutton, of Sherborne, 25 n. 

Easthorpe estate^ 38 n. Ebden, D.D., 10. 
Ede, 59. Edwm, w Edwyn, 40. Enstone, 
Rectorial Estate at, 19, and 19 n. Erskine, 
earl of Buchan, 20. Evans, of Kilcreene, 48. 

Falkner, 52. Fane, 62. Fauntleroy, of Cron- 
dall,2^. Fitzgerald, 48. Fitzwarine, Agnes, 
6. Florence-court, 51 n. Fortescue, k>\ of 
Spriddleston, 8. Friar, 12. Fursland, of 
Bickington, 13. 

De Gallegos, 9. Gamer, 38. Gottom, 13. 
Granville, Grenville, w Greenfield, 13, 
14, 16. de Grey, earl, 61—62. Green, 40. 
Grinstead, manor of, and baron, 50. 

De Haccombe, family, 23; arms 25 n. Hacket, 
16, and 16 n. Hales, of St. Stephen's, 25. 
Hamilton, 52—55; of Monterlony, and 
arms, 54 n. Haucocke, 9, 35. Hargrave, 
23, 40. Harris, 59. Harrison, 38; of Balls, 
39 n.; of Walworth, 60. Hart, 38. Has- 
tings, of Daylesford, 26. Hatton, 59. 

Hill, 38 ; of Hea 


Heli^n, 14 ; of BuckJoDd, lii. hitchin, 
14. Hobb!! 37. Hokesbne mnnor, 2, i. 
Holcroft, 11. Hollieame, of Hotlionme, 7. 
Hopton, Sir Owbd, 25, Huddy, of Stowell, 
6. Hiiskissaii, 38. 

iDKtam, family of, 40, and 40 n. Irvine, of 
Castle IrTine, S3. Jacknon, 35. Jeoffroy, 
of Tr&lineck, 8. Jervoise, of Horiard aud 
and Idaworth, 19. 

Eeatint;, 4S. Kollia armx, S a. Keetall or 
CB£tel, 8. Kenoedf, of Cultra, 52. Kille- 
grew, 14n. 


of London, IB, 17 n.; of Qu 
earl of lichaeld, 25—26 n. Leaker 
amis.Sn. Lsuri iirLurinrmB, 12n. Lloyd, 
of Crophan, 48. LOOQIN, of Warwiotshire, 
&Dd KsT. Wm., 21. Locke, of Uerton, 9. 
Lomeo arms, 25 ?. Lowry-Coiry, of Ahe- 
nls, 56. Liicoa, baronexs, 02. Ludlow, 
sir Ediu., 12. Lyocb, 12. Lynham, 13. 
Lyra, extracts from registers of, and mouu- 

t, Sli 

-34 a. 

;arnui, 5q, Maryot, of Deion, 
12. Hichelborne, of Homana, 29. Mtlnee, 
of Nun-AiiplBton, 18. Molesworth, 36; 
viacount, 62. Mont(i:omery, Sir. J., and 
eati of Hount. Alexander, 45, '''' 

Odiham, extracts from registers of, 10 n. 
Olaod of London, 9. 

Pmt, aarl of Uibridga, 56, 57. Parker of 
Honington, bart. 21. FameU, 48. Parsons 
of Birr, 46. Paake, 21. PatersoD, of tbat 
Ilk, 63. Panlet, 12. PeneBtone of Cora- 
wel], bart., 26. PidekesweU or Pickwell 
anna, 26 d. De la POMntAI or Pomeroy, 
bsroDS, and family, 6 — 7 n.; u-ma, 7 n. 
PoFi,earlofI>owDe,2S,aDd26n.; Preston, 

of London, 23; of Petenhain, 16 ; armi, 
16 n. Pridcam, of Natwell, 15. Prittie, 
of Dunalley, 48. Prowie, of Exeter, 13. 

irdson. Dr., 52. BobinsoD, 38; 
WEDDEL-RoBIKSaM, 61— 62. Dala&oCHB, 
baron, and family, 23, 24n., 40n.; arm^ 
25 n. ; castle and cburcb, 24 n. Iwdverd, 
Ht., and sir IS., 20. Roundell, of Hutton- 
Wandale?, IS. Russoll arms, 8 n. 
St. Aabyn, 23; arms, 25 n. Ht. Ledger, of 
Aanery, 13. Saundemon, 53. Scott arms, 
5n. CaptJ., 11. Shepliard, 80. Sbipley, 
capt. R., and major.gen., 20; S. S., 87. 
Sbirley, of Isfiald, 31. Simcoe, of Wolford, 
11. Skynner, 26. Slade, oapt. " '" 

1. Stourlon, 13. Stnart, 

6; license to castellate, 3 n,; Tomertoo, Sn. 
Teesdale, 38. Iliompson, 52: of Eajhun, 
"- TkornhiU or Thornell, 17, 18 ; arm^ 

body, 8. Tucker, & 

Valletort, barons. 7n. Vaus, of Odiham, 12. 
DoVeaci, viBot.,48. ViUiers, Tieot Qmndi. 
aon, andsirGeo, of Brokesby, 38iL Vjnor, 
of Newby, 62. 

Walker, 37. Wallcot, of Walcot, and armi, 
12 n. Waller, of Beconsfield, 29. Wallei- 
borougb, ofWbaleaborough,Gn. Waltham, 
Biabop's, extracts from registers of, 11 n. 
Ward, 38. Waraop, of Clapham, 23—24. 
Wateon,eir'nio.,of HalsteaJ,2*. Weddal- 
Bobinaon, 81—61 Weeks, 36. Wentworii, 
lord, 25. Weston, air Bd., of WdUhira, fl, 
22. White, and anna, S ?. Wbaler, nr 
Wm., and lady. 26. Willetion, 88. WU- 
liams, of Herringstone, 61 ; of Anglaaev, 
40; of Stowfoid, 14. 

Willougbby-Montgomary,of CaiTow, and anna, 
63. Wilaoii, and Willson, 35. Wnngham, 
37. Wyatt, arms, 8 n. Wymarke anna, 
8 n. Wrniie, of Haselwood, 80. Wood- 
atock, TLo., of, i. Wrey, sir Bourchiw,